by The Collected Mutineer (with input from The Collected Canadian)

There are a handful of films from my childhood that still resonate with me today, perhaps even more now than when I first saw them. Mary Poppins (1964) is one of them. The practically perfect tale about a family’s need to reconnect with each other has become a classic, aided by magical performances and memorable songs. With each viewing, it becomes more and more dear to me than the time before. So can a sequel brought to life 54 years later possibly compare?

Keep reading for a relatively spoiler-free review! Spoilers will be marked with *asterisks*.

By Nerdy Donut

There is no hiding my love of animated films, particularly anything related to princesses. When trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet began appearing I was excited for the sequel to Wreck it Ralph, and slightly guarded. What was Ralph going to do to the Internet, and how was Pixar going to deal with the Disney princesses? The film does seem to cram one too many elements into the storyline, and would benefit from losing even one or two plot elements to help streamline the story; however, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun film that pokes fun in smart ways at our Internet usage and what it means to be a  princess and a strong woman, all while playing out messages of following your dreams and what it means to be a friend. As sequels go, this one is worth your time.


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise began nearly 15 years ago with a film that nobody thought would amount to anything. Today the famed and favorite Disneyland ride has 5 movies under its belt, with the latest installment having premiered this weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has all the makings of a fun pirate romp, not dissimilar from the original 2003 movie. But does it succeed?

*You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be spoilers!*