Winchester family bonding
Winchester family bonding


S01xE20 AKA The Episode Where Vampires Really Do Exist and The Colt is the Most Dangerous Gun in Existence

Dean’s Best Line:

“Sorry. I never really stay with a chick that long. Definitely not eternity.”

Sam’s Best Line:

“Yeah, well maybe that worked when we were kids, but not anymore, all right? Not after everything you and I have been through, Dean. I mean are you tellin’ me you’re cool with just followin’ the line and lettin’ him run the whole show?”


The Winchester boys are on the hunt for a nest of vampires that killed another hunter, who just so happened to be John Winchester’s former mentor. When John shows up in the middle of Sam and Dean’s hunt, he reveals that the vampires took something besides the hunter’s life: a gun that can kill anything. The three work together to destroy the nest and retrieve the weapon that could kill the yellow-eyed demon once and for all.