Although I said we finished this series in November, I realized recently that the interview with Elliex, a prolific transformative author and Destiel fan, never posted, so, we are bringing it back for one last entry. When I get the chance to rec a fic for The Collective, I inevitably go to Elliex. Her work in canon can’t be beat and her coda, “Heaven’s Most Wanted” is all I ever wanted from Season 9 but was too afraid to ask for. The last fic we rec’d of hers was on Dear Collectress’ Christmas list, but there’s more, dear reader, so much more. With 22 works on AO3 in the Supernatural fandom, including a new Demon!Dean series that explores the character development and saving of Dean Winchester, Elliex really should be in the SPN Writer’s Room (in my humble opinion). Read on for some pretty sound writing advice and an interesting look into the process of a fanfic writer.

Also–a shout out from me to El–who left a kind comment on my 1st ever DCBB entry and pretty much made my day by reading my little ‘ole canon-based case fic. Thanks hon!

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1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

Though I’d known about the genre for a very long time, I only started actively reading and seeking out fanfiction a couple of years ago. As I worked my way through some truly amazing ‘verses and standalones, mostly Supernatural but some other fandoms too, I realized that many of the writers spoke about how much they enjoyed writing, how they hadn’t shared their work before, and how sharing gave them confidence. As someone with a stack of fiction manuscripts in varying states of completion and length that I’ve never had the nerve to share publicly, this resonated with me.


After mulling it over for a few months, and writing a few practice fics that will never ever see the light of day, I took the plunge and posted my very first piece on AO3 – it’s not great; it’s not even good, but it was a necessary first step for me. And then I slowly began posting more. I still remember that simultaneous thrill and anxiety at watching the hit counts on early fics go up, and kudos (and/or comments) were like gifts from readers. Though I still feel that combination of thrill and anxiety, sharing has gotten easier for the most part. And like anyone, I continue to appreciate every kudo and/or comment I receive.

Xylodemon is a beast. With 226* works across 17 fandoms on AO3 and new stuff coming out all the time, this writer has a knack for taking canon and transforming it into something simple and easy and totally unexpected. Her characters are clear and consistent, and her reimagined Supernatural codas are some of the best I’ve ever read. You may recognize the handle from either a fanfic rec by the Collectress or I, because her stuff is just that good (her demon!Dean is spot on). Read on to discover how she got started in transformative fiction, the inspirational words she has for aspiring writers and links to her favorite work.

(*note: it’s now 227, since she just released a coda for the Supernatural episode “Fan Fiction” which is lovely, BTW)

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1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

Weirdly, it just kind of happened. Way back in the day I was in a usenet RP for the Wheel of Time books, and I loved it. I had a kajillion characters and read all the threads, even stuff I wasn’t involved in. A friend of mine there told me I’m probably like reading fanfic, but I didn’t pay too much attention at the time because she was into Harry Potter and I hadn’t read it. I ended up reading some eventually, mostly Lord of the Rings and X-Files. Then I finally broke down and read Harry Potter (I was convinced it would be garbage, turns out I was wrong), and I read a ton of fanfic, and from there it made sense to just write some. My first fic was pretty terrible, but I guess first fics usually are.


Friend of The Collective, betty days (sadrobots) has 22 works on AO3, but I found her fics through a Twitter rec from one of my smut sisters when I put out there that I was in need of something on the NS side of NSFW. Consequently, “Words with Friends” is one of the smuttiest series (and a favorite) that gives a whole new meaning to term “sexting”. But Betty isn’t just a one-trick pony. Her capability for world building and bold characterizations within AUs make her work exciting and fun to read while keeping the boys in consistent character across the varied themes in her work. Her answers to the “5 questions” are honest and powerful, reminding participants in the transformative community the cathartic nature of writing as well as the benefit of a great support system.

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Want your favorite writer to answer 5 questions? Let me know over on Twitter @collectivadiva

1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

I started writing (not just fanfic, but narrative form in general, though before that I’d been writing memoir and poetry for several years) about six months ago because a boy I liked dumped me, and I had all this emotional goo floating around in my heart that needed to be funneled into something productive. I was scouring AO3 for a fic that just hit the spot, something long and fluffy and smutty and engaging that I could just drown myself in, and couldn’t find anything. For lack of anything better to do, I opened up a Word doc and churned out the first chapter of Sex 101 in about two hours, then promptly fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to an unheard-of amount of traffic. I was floored. That night, I wrote another chapter, then another, and another. The feedback I was getting was like crack to me. Suddenly the gaping emptiness that was left in the wake of being dumped like a wet sack of trash was slowly being filled by a loving and supportive community whom I’d only quietly observed for years. Every chapter I wrote healed me more and more, and by the time I completed Sex 101, I was like a completely new person.

Cr: caskringle
Cr: caskringle


This is it, my friends. The last Fanfic Wednesday post by yours truly, the Diva, and I’ve been compiling this list all summer long. On October 7, 9pm on the CW, season 10 of Supernatural premieres with a newly demonized Dean Winchester. I leave you with 7 of my favorite Demon!Dean fics, to help prepare for the upcoming angst I have a feeling we are in for. Some are gen, some are smutty, but most of these stories read better than the S10 promos and that’s…troubling and awesome at the same time. The transformative community really knows how to take a canon theme and create works that not only reveal the weaknesses of a Dean without the boundaries imposed by network execs (and bad writing), but also remains true to the man who fans wish/hope/dream Dean Winchester is capable of being–with the help of Sam and Cas, of course. Over the summer, promotions for S10 have been confusing and seem very OOC for the Dean Winchester who has undoubtedly evolved over the years. The “frat boy” image of the promos is not good enough for me! I need more depth, show writers. Enter these amazing takes on Demon!Dean and the struggle to balance his human existence with demonic desires.

Enjoy and thanks for spending the summer reading fanfic with me!

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1) there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining

Author: xylodemon

Word Count: 1,463

Summary: Cas only sees Dean’s humanity.

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

My Thoughts

In my S10 head canon, I see Sam and Castiel working together to save Dean. Not only that, but in this story, Cas realizes he’s been in love with Dean for a long time and he does something about it. This is pretty much exactly how I wish/hope/dream the season premiere would go down.


With our emotionally (physically, mentally) draining Big Bang stories written and submitted last week, plus all the personal and professional changes coming in the near future for Team Collective, I figured a few, well timed kitten!fics full of fluff and sweet and NO ANGST might be necessary. I couldn’t pick a ship, so we are visiting 3 this week.

1) Johnlock

Title: Can’t Say No

Author: cold_feet

Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Word Count: 1111


The author’s description: John comes out of the kitchen brandishing a package of HobNobs. “Sherlock, if you think I’m going to mind after her, you, whatever it is you’re growing in the fridge, plus one of those–” In which Sherlock and John have a daughter. And kittens, apparently.

My Thoughts:

Kittens, babies and domestic Johnlock? Yes, please sir, may I have another? Thanks to my dear Collectress, who shared with me this most adorable Johnlock kitten!fic when she knew I needed it.

i ship it

If you ship Destiel (as you know we do), you probably do so through the transformative works of fans. If you’re like me, you may troll the many fanfic recommendation blogs on Tumblr or go through the 30k plus works tagged “Castiel/Dean Winchester” on AO3 looking for something well written and with enough length to develop characters and plot lines. Look no further, Dean and Cas fans, the time of the DCBB is upon us.

So, last week, the Collectress posted on Tumblr this hilarious entry into the online baby name wiki for “Castiel”. The post continues to get hits like whoa, because fans love to see messages hidden in plain sight, just for us to catch. It seems that the Supernatural fandom has taken to sharing our love of the show, in small ways, with the rest of the world. I became intrigued by this fandom about a year ago, when I finally caved and began watching the show. 9 seasons, one convention and a jarpad photo op later, I am still amazed at the lengths the SPN Family go to spread the word about the little show that could.

Yesterday, I sent out the call on Twitter to my most diligent Supernatural fan followers, simply asking for examples of “easter eggs”, or intentional inside joke/message hidden on the web, that implicitly refer to Supernatural. Of course, we picked the top 5 Destiel references, because they are just so fun and BECAUSE REASONS. While Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary have had SPN fans hijack many a definition, it doesn’t stop there. These are some of my favorite references to the show, hidden in plain sight, for any non-hunter to come across. If you know of more, please link me in the comments and I will add them to the list.

1) The “Castiel” entry on Namipedia

Looking for a baby name? Look no further than “Castiel”, the Angel of Thursday who “has a profound bond with a man by the name of Dean Winchester” whose name means “face of sexual desire” in ancient Enochian. Notice the nicknames–baby in a trench coat? So. Much. Yes.