Science-fiction is one of my favourite genres, but it’s also one of the ones I’m pickiest about. Finding a scifi film I enjoy is more difficult than jeans for short girls at Forever 21. If you’re like me and love scifi but have a helluva time finding a good one, here are my five favourite for your perusal.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

An older film, but still compelling, it follows the story of an alien who comes to Earth with a message for humanity. A chilling metaphor for xenophobia, the Cold War, and paranoia, The Day the Earth Stood Still was chosen for preservation by the U.S. National Film Registry in the 1990s.

Also, do yourself a favour: never watch the remake. 

What really constitutes a good zombie flick? Personally, I don’t go for too much blood and gore (although impossible to escape in a good zombie movie) due to a weak stomach and a penchant for plot. Instead, I prefer a psychologically damaging film that seriously frightens me because it just might happen. The capital “Z” Zombie Apocalypse–with it’s fair share of flesh-eaters but just as many horrid, twisted non-zombie moments that suddenly become life and death decisions, and of course the sister/lover/child death and subsequent resurrection into the undead–those are the moments that chill me. As an avid horror fan, I find the influx of walking dead on the big and small screen, invigorating. Nothing beats a good zombie movie, with a mix of bloody grossness along with true human moments. If I can jump out of my seat, cover my face in disgust of the brain matter AND shed a tear for the irony of life, I’m a happy nerd. So what are my favorites? Well, funny you ask. The 2000’s have brought with them a new fascination for the zombie genre. The best of them take classic themes of isolation and infuse humor, dread and witty writing. Below are my 5 of my favorite zombie movies of the 21st century, spoilers be damned!


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