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Happy Supernatural Day! That’s right, 11 years ago today, the pilot of Supernatural premiered on the WB, and promptly took over the lives of thousands. Once, it wasn’t certain if the show would survive the WB’s transition to the CW, or even make it past the planned 5 season arc. Now, it’s the longest running genre show on American television, and has long secured its place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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Here are a few ways you can celebrate this awesome anniversary, and the upcoming start of season 12 (which premieres on October 13, 2016).

Have a Supernatural marathon

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I’m sure that everyone on the planet knows this, but just in case you’ve been gone on a hunting trip…Supernatural is on Netflix! That’s right, you can watch literally any episode at the push of a button. So cuddle up with your Dean body pillow and select your favorite episode. Okay, maybe your favorite 5-10 episodes.

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After watching the show online last year, I decided to get myself tickets to the Paleyfest, a Los Angeles event held each spring, sponsored by the Paley Foundation and this year, at the Dolby Theater. The festival ran March 6-15, opening with the Teen Wolf panel and ending with the American Horror Story cast on stage. Tickets for Paleyfest run from $30+, and there are about 3,400 seats to be filled. It was exciting to see the different types of fans gathered for the show. Sometimes I tend to feel a little out of place with a sea of middle-aged white, male faces at these types of events, but in the orchestra section where I sat (yeah, I sprang for the good seats), I saw at least half a dozen black girl nerds, which made me quite happy!

While there are usually only single show panels, the Saturday, March 14 event was special in that audiences received two panels for the price of one. Hosted by the adorable Aisha Tyler, the show began with the Arrow cast, along with Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and rounded out with the cast of the Flash, along with Berlanti and Kreisberg, once again. I received the pleasure of seeing both producers on the Showrunners Panel at WonderCon last year, and I must say, they are brilliant creators who have a real vision for both of these very successful shows and I’m excited to see how future seasons pan out.

In attendance from the Arrow cast: Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards, John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Willa HollandDavid Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne; Executive Producers: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim.

In attendance from the Flash cast: Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes; Executive Producers: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie (seriously, if you aren’t caught up with both shows, read at your own risk!)

Love the t-shirt, Mish-Mish.
Love the t-shirt, Mish-Mish.

Episode 09×17 AKA Mish-Mish’s Directorial Debut

Happy Winchester Wednesday, Hunter friends!

Yesterday, the Internet damn near broke as our Overlord, Misha Collins, first took to Facebook for a Q&A session, and later live-tweeted as the episode he directed aired.

Season 4: Guest Star Misha Collins

Seasons 5, 6, and 9: Series Regular Misha Collins

Season 9: Director Misha Collins

I think we all know where this is going…

Seasons 10-?:  The Misha Show starring, written, and directed by Misha Collins

Source: itsthemishapocalypse.tumblr.com
Source: itsthemishapocalypse.tumblr.com


“Mother’s Little Helper” lights up on a wife coming home with groceries. After her husband about dinner–“meatloaf again?”–she promptly bludgeons him to death.

Definitely a case for the Winchesters.

But wait, one of the Winchesters isn’t on the job. Sam is flying solo because Dean claims to be too busy searching for Abaddon to participate in this case. As soon as Sam leaves the bunker, however, we see Dean pull out a bottle and have that same kind of haunted look we saw in John Winchester’s eyes. (Kudos to the director for the close-up of Jensen’s tortured expression). The boys are, once again, separated for the duration of the episode, but this time, it seems like Sam is trying to reach out to Dean, but Dean ain’t biting.

When Sam arrives on location for the case, the homicidal wife–“Mrs. Manson”–has hung herself, after using her own blood to write nonsensical, evil gibberish on the walls of her jail cell. Demonic possession? Sam thinks so. After more and more people commit seemingly random acts of violence, Sam calls his brother for backup. These incidents remind Sam of the time that he was soulless, he tells Dean. Again, Sam is throwing a line out to Dean, but Dean opts to solve his problems by looking for the answer at the bottom of a bottle.

Now that the older Winchester has used the First Blade, we see that the Mark of Cain is weighing heavily on Dean. We’ve seen him drink more and more the second half of this season, and now he’s lying to Sam about it. When Crowley shows up in the dive bar that Dean is holed up in, we aren’t surprised. Dean is an addict, and he’s jonesing for a fix. Crowley shows up for no real reason other than Dean “butt-dialed” him, but with the way Crowley so expertly plays Dean like a fiddle, we know the King of Hell has an endgame that he’s playing close to the chest.

You’re lying to Sam like he’s your wife, which kind of makes me your mistress. -Crowley

property of the CW
property of the CW

Episode 09×16 AKA Crowley’s a Junkie

Happy Winchester Wednesday, Hunter friends! Supernatural was all-new last night after a short hiatus (thank Chuck!)


Episode lights up on the boys in the bunker. Now, it appears that some of the Winchester Family Drama has taken a backseat (for now), and it was nice to see the brothers talking to each other. Oh, hey look producers, the fans like it when the brothers get along?!

Dean receives a drunk dial from Crowley–which had me positively in stitches–and there was a particularly great shot of Crowley’s phone when Dean calls him back. The caller ID simply reads, “Not Moose.” Crowley  has become quite the blood junkie. In a montage that seems like it’s straight from True Blood, Crowley exsanguinates young men with the help of a foxy demon named Lola–who is actually working for the Queen Bee herself, Abaddon. By the time we see Crowley crying over Casablanca (sidenote: the movie is so sad it makes the King of Hell blubber), we pretty much figure that the Winchesters are going to have an intervention for everyone’s favorite sarcastic demon.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

The boys find a crossroads and summon Snooki–it’s Nicole now–(yes, she’s a demon; it’s canon now), who tells them that Crowley’s been M.I.A. for a while. The New Jersey Devil disappears after the strangest 2 minute guest appearance SPN has ever had. 

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Episode 09×15 AKA The Ghostfacers Return

Happy Winchester Wednesday, Hunter friends! After leaving you in the capable hands of my blogger, the Collectiva Diva, last week, I am more than ready to return to writing about mah boys after nearly a month haitus (it was killing me not to write about last week’s episode!)

Now, if you really, truly enjoyed last night’s episode…perhaps this write-up isn’t for you. Just a warning.


The plot was typical MotW, or so it seemed. Girl gets killed by creepy dude with no face who appeared behind her in her final selfie. It’s enough to spark the Winchesters’ interest, as well as, duhduhduh: the Ghostfacers.

Yes, Harry & Ed are back. And Dean is oh-so-thrilled by this development.

The villain-to-blame is the Thinman, which the Ghostfacers have made their fortune investigating (the book they wrote proves that they’re authorities on the subject). Another murder happens, this time caught on camera, and Ed comes clean to the Winchesters, revealing that there is no Thinman. He invented Thinman to “save” Harry from a life as a suburban husband and eventually the upper-middle-class-2.5-children-white-picket-fence future.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Eventually, it’s revealed that the Thinman is not supernatural at all, but a few men wearing masks who call themselves the “creation” of the Ghostfacers–making the most cringe-inducing Frankenstein comparison of all time. Ed tells the truth to Harry about Thinman, and the Ghostfacers break up. It reeks of a rewrite of “Road Trip.” Still no happy ending.

Now, Collectibles, let’s take a walk back to Creative Writing 101. (Here begins my rant.) Class is in session, and schooling shall commence. 

Welcome to Shipping 101

Welcome to Shipping 101!

Please check your schedules to make sure you are in the right place. Everyone settled in? Okay, good. Today we will discuss my newest ship, the S.S. Olicity, featuring Oliver Queen(Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) from the CW’s Arrow.


If you’ve read my December 2013 Arrow posts, you know I am a fan of the show. As it goes with a new show that has two (although, I can dig Diggle) very hot lead characters that I wouldn’t mind imagining making out (with), I immediately decided I ship Oliver and Felicity (Olicity) and went to AO3 to search for Olicity fanfiction. Since Arrow is only in the middle of its second season, there isn’t much reading out there. Of course, I went to The Collectress for assistance, who soon found me a two lovely Tumblr sites with rec lists and off I went on a magical journey to smutsville with Oliver and Felicity. I love a good romance, and the pairing of Felicity/Oliver is not just popular with the fans but with the cast and crew as well.

tumblr_mi83ahj7Ml1qd2emto1_500On the show, Oliver and Felicity began their friendship based on his need for her technological prowess. He was the boss’ son, she worked in IT. When Oliver ‘fessed up to his identity as (SPOILERS) the Vigilante in season 1 (by crawling into her car while bleeding from a gunshot wound his mother gave him), Felicity then began assisting him on his missions and they became friends and peers. Between the awkward excuses for hanging out together, the long and loving gazes, and the obvious sexual tension, these two seem to be headed toward something substantial, but I’m guessing it won’t be in season 2 or even 3.