by Katie Tejada (McDaniel)

The magic of Halloween entangles adults as well as children and is the perfect excuse for a grown-up party. The only problem is that it’s difficult to find time to plan a costume. One day, it’s October 1 and you have all the time in the world. Next thing you know, it’s October 29 and you’re SOL—or are you? There is an endless array of cute costumes you can pull together at the last minute. Not only that, but you can take the DIY approach and dress up as one of your favorite movie characters, using clothing and accessories that you can continue wearing the remaining 364 days of the year.


The international members of the Collective team were able to attend London Super Comic Con over the weekend of March 14 and 15, flaunting our very first press badge. LSCC primarily revolves around comic books, as opposed to film or television adaptations and franchises, and was a refreshing look at the European nerd community. As at any major convention, the costuming was top notch. Two of the main events at this year’s LSCC were the Open Masquerade and the Costume Championship. One of the judges in attendance was the flawless Yaya Han (pictured in the gallery below, posing in the Syfy Fan Cam booth), who is even more beautiful in person.

The Costume Championship displayed the best of the best cosplay, taking performance into account. The grand winner was RossECobb Cosplay for his broadway-style Ursula. Check out his costume, as well as the other fabulous cosplays featured below, such as That Cosplay Couple‘s Joker and Harley Quinn.

I started out as a reluctant cosplayer. The truth is, I always felt embarrassed by my size and worried that I wouldn’t find anything that looked good or fit me properly. The nerd community can be cruel to female cosplayers and even worse to fat chicks who cosplay. Finding a character I love enough to cosplay, creating a costume that resembles her/him enough so that strangers recognize the outfit EVEN THOUGH I am not the same size/color as the character, well it always seemed like an overwhelming task that I wasn’t ready to commit to. I am all too familiar with instances of public body shaming, and the idea of placing myself in the spotlight at a con terrified more than thrilled me.

Then I met the Collectress. My cosplaying, co-blogging, blogmate who promised to FOREVER help make my cosplay dreams come true, if I would only give the medium a chance.