In case you didn’t notice, the Collective gals were at Long Beach Comic Con last weekend and we had a marvelous time. It was our first time at this particular Southern California convention, and after the mayhem and madness of SDCC, the smaller event was more intimate and very inviting. My favorite part of any convention is wandering the exhibition floor and, in particular, browsing Artist Alley. (If you’ve ever attended a convention with me, you’ll know I usually come home with several pieces of art in hand!) This time, the Mutineer and I had a particular mission: find an appropriate piece of SPN art to hang in the living room.

We were not disappointed: LBCC’s Artist Alley spanned nearly half the exhibition floor (and made my fangirl heart so, so happy) and by pure chance we stumbled on this glorious artwork:

spnnouveau So, of course, the Mutineer and I had to stop and peruse the artist’s portfolio because, you know, reasons, and then there was this artist, Kalgado.  


Hello lovely Collective readers! Katie here, rounding up what I did, saw, and bought (whoops) at Toronto ComiCon 2016 this past weekend. This was my first convention in a long, long time so I was a big ball of excitement.

Saturday morning I took a bus from Guelph to Toronto and got to ComiCon bright and early. Upon entering the convention centre, I was overwhelmed by everything I saw. Stormtroopers, wookies, Deadpools, and just about every other thing I loved ALL IN ONE ROOM. As you read this post, please remember that I held in my fangirl all weekend and I am letting it loose HERE AND NOW. On Saturday, I attended an improv show, a panel on Canadian comic creators, the Q&A, the Robbie Amell Q&A, and the Rob Liefeld Q&A.

lsccThis past weekend, the Collected Mutineer and I had a chance to visit London Super Comic Con at the ExCel Center in south London. Yesterday, the Mutineer delighted you with pictures of the f**king awesome cosplay that we saw, but today I’m going to tell you a bit about some of the convention highlights for us.

Musical Comics: The Future of the Industry? 

Cape Fear Comics
Cape Fear Comics

My typical approach to conventions is to spend the first day exploring the expo area. I usually do this in cosplay, because hey, I like people to recognise the work I put into my outfits, but that is neither here nor there. As I wandered through the exhibitors’ area, a man–obviously impressed by my Scarlet Witch outfit–approached me to tell me about the Cape Fear Comics’ latest creation: Sioux Warrior, a musical comic book.

A musical comic book? Such a thing exists?

Yes, it does. And I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool. I downloaded the app to my iPad (it’s $4.99 USD in the Apple Store) and began exploring. The most unique feature of this app, is that when Sioux Warrior is opened, the panels appear in monochromatic shades until the music begins. Then, each character is brought into colour as the music plays for each panel. It’s really friggin cool.

The music is part rock opera, part Western, and it fits the plot well.

Do yourselves a favour, go check it out.