Dallas Stars at Anaheim Ducks January 15, 2016

I have never been a hardcore sports fan. Meaning, I will watch the Superbowl for the beer and nachos, enjoy a basketball game for the, er, beer and nachos and, um, well, you get the jist. In fact, sports culture has always been lost on me. Feeling emotional over gorgeous men on my television screen, totally not my thing, right? Wait.

Uh oh.

It started innocuously enough. I ran into this adorable hockey comic on Tumblr called Check Please by Ngozi, and became intrigued with the language, atmosphere and culture surrounding the game. I was soon pointed to the GQ line of the Dallas Stars hockey club by Liz Keysmash and then, it was all downhill into the trashcan (my favorite place to be, honestly). I started in my comfort zone, which is to say, I read a bunch of RPF fanfic, as I began to appreciate the aesthetics of hockey. I delved into meticulous research of the game (Yeah, I did research. I’m still a nerd) in order to figure out the definitions of terms such as hat trick, celly and whatever the hell a scrum is. I listened to games on the Stars app and watched a few on tv, started following different players and teams on Twitter and, all of a sudden, just like that, I found myself genuinely interested in the sport. I blame the bro-feels, team vibes, fisticuffs, and, of course, the hot, muscular dudes who take totally platonic showers together, for reeling me into one of the most underappreciated sports in all of fandom. Go figure.

The world is a darker place this morning with the loss of iconic grandad of glam, David Bowie. The Starman passed away on Sunday, January 10 after an 18-month battle with cancer, only 2 days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 25th studio album, Blackstar.

While we can in no way encompass all the reasons we love David Bowie, his music and his inspiration, in a single post, we have compiled a list of ten Bowie moments that have touched our lives.


(updated 1/12/16*)

*The City of Angels mourns David Bowie all month with special events. See here for more details. 

1) Hunting for Diamond Dogs

Right after high school, I became obsessed with glam rock, specifically, David Bowie. His is actually the only discography (besides NIN) I worked really hard to complete, and at the young age of 19, I was on the hunt for one of his more obscure albums to go with the more popular ones I already had, like Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. Diamond Dogs was notoriously the most difficult to find, and, even after I had most of the earlier stuff (the 1976 release David Bowie, was easier to find), I could never get DD (this was before the internet, ok). I remember trolling through Penny Lane, the local record store near my college in Pasadena, California, searching for Diamond Dogs on CD. The shop girl told me they didn’t have the album and wouldn’t get it in for ages. Well, my best friend had a tape player in her VW bug (our favorite mode of travel those days) and I had one in an old stereo system at home, so, I purchased a used copy of the album on tape, along with a CD copy of Station to Station. Both were glorious, dark and so perfect. I never did buy the CD and I still have the tape…somewhere.  –Diva

2) Bowie on Film

We all know that Bowie was a space alien, but his films confirm it. The Man Who Fell From Earth is so strange, and quiet and long, not an easy watch at all. Same goes for The Hunger, the go-to vampire movie before vampires were a thing. That being said, both are totally avant garde films that, if you’ve seen them, you know that these movies helped define Bowie’s otherness not only as a musician and an actor, but as an occupant of our planet. –Diva

It’s almost 2016, Diva and Collectress are back in the same zip code, and we got press badges to SDCC as well as numerous other cons this year. I’d say 2015 has been good to the Collective, and that’s something to dance about!

tina fey

This is my third annual Top 10 Albums list, and, while there are some familiar faces, I have also stumbled upon a few new, great artists I can’t wait to share. Hope you enjoy the soundtrack to my 2015 and find something that speaks to your soul as much as these tracks speak to mine.


C. Diva

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2013 Top Ten Albums

2014 Top Ten Albums

1) Love Stuff by Elle King

Elle King is a gift. Her voice is amazing and I promise she’s not just one-hit wonder. Love Stuff, released February 2015, is full of gems featuring Elle’s sultry alto. Regardless if you’ve heard the song a thousand times on pop radio, take a gander at the video for “Ex’s and Oh’s”. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to jot down who’s been naughty or nice, but this list isn’t just a catalogue of what you need to buy for others, but a collection of items you might just want to ask Santa for yourself.

Here are my ten favorite gift ideas for 2k15 for you and your favorite geek.

xoxo C. Diva

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 1) A year-long Subscription to any Marvel Comics title $30

For your favorite Marvel geek, this subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. This will keep your girlfriend or sister busy checking the mailbox for paper copies for the title of your choosing all year long. For more comics you should be buying, check out the post here.

2) The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book $12

Coloring books are all the rage this holiday. Make sure to pick up the official GoT book at Barnes & Noble for that angsty friend who loves to suffer to this series. For more coloring books, check out my post here.


3) The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook $22