Nov 22-24, the Burbank Marriott hosted a Supernatural Convention that included appearances from cast members, fans in cosplay, and us, the Collective gals.IMAG5409 Armed with an angel at my side, I basked in the electric atmosphere of my first Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention, taking notes and grinning ear to ear, praising Chuck that The Collectress had the foresight to purchase Sunday passes and cursing end!verse Samifer that we didn’t get to go the entire weekend. I suppose there’s always next year, which is already scheduled with the same venue for November 2014, but for now, let’s look at my top ten moments, shall we?

10) Fellow Fangirls and some boys, too

Oh, the kindred spirit that is an SPN fan. We obsess together on Tumblr, pin on Pinterest and tag on Instagram, but it is the mythical J2 Con that brings us together IRL. And boy, did the fans come out on Sunday. There were at least 2000 people in the auditorium while J2 were on stage, everyone taking pics and squeeing on cue when the boys did something funny and/or adorable. Plus, there were fans of all ages, sizes, ethnicity and not just fangirls, but guys, too. I’d guestimate the ratio was about 20:1 in terms of women versus men, and, while it seemed that many were fathers or boyfriends of said fangirls, it was nice to see dudes showing love to J2 and the cast. After I got home and kicked off my combat boots, I searched #BurCon and easily found some of the friends I made in line on the social media site, making the experience seem all the more familial. I can understand why the cast enjoys doing these cons so much. Supernatural really is a family business.


9) The Creation Entertainment staff

When The Collectress initially purchased the tickets, instead of getting two seats next to each other, she accidentally bought them one in front of the other. Since it was her mistake, we figured Creation Entertainment wouldn’t help us out, but she emailed them anyway. Wouldn’t you know, the company not only gave us new seats, but they ended up being a few rows closer to the stage than the ones we initially purchased. No hassle, no attitude, just friendly service. This kindness carried over to the gentle way the volunteers dealt with fans at the actual con–kindly pointing me in the right direction more than a couple times. Thank you to kind volunteer in red (I didn’t catch her name) who hadn’t eaten all day and still needed to pack up and travel home to San Francisco that evening. She managed to answer every question I threw at her that day with a patient smile, letting me know that she was still having a great time even if she has worked her butt off all weekend.

Hello shippers. Over the Collective’s Supernatural week we’ve shipped Destiel. Lots of it. Now, on our last day of our celebration of all things Winchester, I’m going to leave you with just a couple more SPN fanfics. Next week, I promise some variety. In fact, I may be going aboard a new ship…but more on that later.

Rec #1: Are You There Dean Winchester? It’s Me…God

Author: BunnyMaCool

Word Count: 33,000

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Warnings: Bit angsty, lot awesome

Read it here.

The Premise

Author’s Summary: Dean Winchester has grown used to God dicking around in his life the last couple years. But this crap? This takes the CAKE … or pie, rather. Now he’s been thrown a whole new curve-ball. The kind that has ended the Civil War in Heaven … but resulted in Raphael taking over, and hunting for Dean’s ass on a silver platter. Not to mention dealing with Balthazar acting like a self-righteous prick, Sam having some big damn epiphany on his big brother’s sexuality, and Cas eying him up like he’s the world’s juiciest cheeseburger. All that mixed with the chance to fix it all and set everything to rights … but only if Dean is willing to sacrifice himself. Again. Seriously, if he ever meets that bastard God he’s gonna- … oh hey, Chuck! What are you doing here?

Continuing our countdown of our favorite episodes, today I’m focusing on “The Real Ghostbusters” from season 5. Now, season 5 had one of the biggest (and darkest) plot arcs of the show, but I’m choosing to follow the Collectiva Diva’s post from yesterday with another metanarrative exploration of Supernatural. 

I’ve written about this before, but one of my favorite things about this show is that it never takes itself too seriously. Even in the midst of a potential apocalypse and a goddamned showdown between Michael and Lucifer, the writers will toss in a gem like “The Real Ghostbusters” to remind us that, hey, sometimes funny shit happens to the Winchesters too.

Dozens of Winchester cosplayers don’t hurt either.

The Real Ghostbusters


S05xE09 AKA the Time the Writers Acknowledged the Fandom by Writing this Episode

Dean’s Best Line:

“No, I’m not a fan, okay. Not fans. In fact, I think the Dean and Sam story sucks. It is not fun, it’s not entertaining. It is a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nuthouse! So you listen to me. Their pain is not for your amusement. I mean, you think they enjoy being treated like-like circus freaks?”

Sam’s Best Line:

Sam: Oh, and Chuck, if you want keep writing Supernatural books, its ok with us.

Chuck: Wow. Really?

Sam: No, not really. We have guns and we’ll find you.


If you don’t watch SPN, this is going to sound a little insane, but bear with me. The writers of the television show we watch, wrote the characters of the show visiting a convention about a series of books–also called Supernatural–at which the attendees of said convention fangirl and cosplay over the same fictional characters that we, the real audience, do. So we’re watching a fictional representation of  people like ourselves encountering the “real” objects of our fanaticism, and it’s being detailed in parody by the real writers for our amusement.

Somewhere in the first five minutes of the episode, Kripke and Singer take the Colt and shoot the fourth wall.

It’s the writers’ way of acknowledging the fandom, and I love them more for it.

Oh Jensen, even before you were a Winchester, you knew how to brood perfectly.
Oh Jensen, even before you were a Winchester, you knew how to brood perfectly.

If you need to see it to believe it, here is the proof that before he was Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles was Eric Brady on the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. Oh yes, my Supernatural fans, I bet you didn’t know you needed to see this until now.