Supernatural week is coming to an end but the fun is just beginning. Season 9 starts tonight and I don’t think I will be able to do anything but think of new Winchester antics from the time I wake up until about 8:59pm. Pacific Standard Time. Because I am so freakishly obsessed, I have been scouring the interwebs for any tidbit of information I can find about Season 9, Sam and the trials, Dean and Castiel, plus the fallen angels madness. Just cause I’m in a giving (and SPN obsessed) mood, here are some season 9 mini-spoilers for you and a couple of sneak peeks to tonight’s action.

You’re welcome.


The Collectiva Diva

I am wary of sloppy seconds. Second albums by a great one-hit wonder, second films in a trilogy, and the second child of a good series, the spin-off television show.  The 1990’s brought us the kick ass teen drama Beverly Hills 90210, which then morphed into the ugly step children Melrose Place and Models Inc. Now, let me make clear I am not talking about the rebooting of an “old” television show, for example, the 2005 revisioning of Doctor Who. That is another beast entirely. I’m talking about two entirely new series springing from a show such as Doctor Who–i.e. the creation of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures at the BBC as side stories to the companions of the Doctor in the Whoniverse (although, I would love to see Moffat write a River Song spin off). A spin off means new characters, new audiences and story lines that may have similar themes to our old favorites but that are filtered through (often times) new writers, producers and actors. While I enjoy the Doctor Who spin offs, to an extent, Torchwood is much darker and a tad sexy (I totally ship Jack/Ianto), and therefore I can’t sit around and watch it with, say, my 10-year old daughter as I would DW. On the other hand, The Sarah Jane Adventures was made for a younger audience and, except the few episodes that feature The Doctor, don’t particularly interest me.