GishWHes 2015: Day Eight

Captain’s Log. Star Date 93206.45 The hunt nears its close (84 minutes but who’s counting?), and my team drifts off to much-needed slumber, one by one. Due to the international nature of our team, only the West Coasters and Team London are awake to see the end of what has been an abonosome week. Team Mutiny […]


GishWHes 2015: Day Five

Captain’s Log. Star Date 93197.23 Today, I finally finished my paper couture gown and traipsed around the London Underground in my designer outfit. Not only did I wear the paper creation in public, but I matched it with a waist-length platinum blonde cosplay wig. The looks I got were…interesting, to say the least. But that’s part […]


GishWHes 2015: Day Three

GishWHes is a magical time. It brings out the best in people, makes you smile, and forces you to think outside the box. We’re nearing the end of day 3 here in the UK, and our team is going strong. Since we’re spread out around the world, we basically function 24/7, which is a huge […]