When it came time to choose this week’s villain to showcase, I knew I needed to talk about a Lannister, because Game of Thrones is back, baby! And what Lannister is more hated than Joffrey Baratheon?

Answer: none.

King Joffrey’s mother, Cersei Lannister, is also a feature of this week’s post. Why? Because I love to hate her.

Property of HBO
Property of HBO

The House of Casterly Rock

They’re Lannisters. If you don’t know them, you must not be from the Seven Kingdoms.

Hear Them Roar

The officially sigil of the Lannister is a lion on a field of crimson, with the words “Hear me roar!”

Unofficially, we know they always pay their debts and are known to ruin most weddings.