Fanfic Wednesday: Actus Fidei

Title: Actus Fidei                Author: manic intent Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel  Word Count: 5647 The Premise Author’s Summary: On the very first time that Castiel manifests in front of Father Dean Winchester, he gets as far as “Rejoice, for you are blessed-” before Dean shoots him with a salt-loaded shotgun. My Thoughts […]


Cas Is Back for Season 10 of Supernatural

Announced today, Misha Collins will be back for season 10 of Supernatural to reprise his role as the little angel that could, Castiel. According to, the CW network has confirmed that Mish-Mish will have a recurring role on the hit series, which has it’s season 9 finale May 20th and will return with season […]