Geektivities: 5 California Fan Conventions To Attend in 2014

The Collective gals got into the blogging game because of our burning desire to attend San Diego Comic-Con and coexist IRL with other nerds. If you’ve read the 2-part “Great Comic-Con Disappointment”, you’ll know that we haven’t gotten tickets, well, ever. Still, our adversity created this amazing blog and, as we grumbled much of the summer 2013 (and […]


Geek Chic: How Many Naked Calendars Can I Justify This Holiday Season? (NSFW)

At least two. The Warwick University Men’s Rowing Team stripped to fight homophobia with a percentage of proceeds from the 2014 calendar and their behind-the-scenes film sales going to the StandUp Foundation, a charity registered in both the UK and the US challenging homophobia. When this video ended up on YouTube, ovaries across the Pond exploded into […]