Beyoncé has had a pretty spectacular week.


Queen Bey released new music in the shape of the “Formation” video (which I’ve watch 433 times) on Saturday, February 6, the day before she was scheduled to do the Halftime Show at Superbowl 50 to a live audience of millions, during which she proceeded to turn middle America on their asses with performance that highlighted and *dare I say* celebrated racial issues. Along with her husband (Jay-Z. Heard of him?) and their music company Tidal, Beyoncé plans to donate $1.5 Million to the Black Lives Matters campaign, and on her upcoming tour, she’ll be taking donations from fans for Flint, Michigan, a small Black community suffering from a horrendous, and very preventable, water crisis. Also last week, Beyoncé posted on YouTube and her official website an eight minute documentary honoring the black men who sang backup for her at the Grammy’s when she performed Mahalia Jackson’s version of  “Take My Hand, Precious Lord“. In the mini-doc, Beyoncé empowers these men; lifting up the black community and celebrating positivity, revealing an insider’s view of the struggles within while remaining accessible to those who don’t identify.

This is the power of a true artist and activist.

And yet, my FaceBook page blew up with friends and family asking *why oh why* did Beyoncé have to *ruin* the Superbowl by bringing *race* into it??

Heavy sigh..