Bilbo Baggins

This is Smaug. Hear Him Purr.

Ringers, Hobbiteers, and Tolkienites, let’s talk about the dragon. Better known to Tumblr as “Smauglock.” As someone who has been waiting for The Hobbit for over a decade, I can readily admit that I’ve put a lot of thought into how Smaug the Tremendous should be portrayed. And by whom. Now, to my mind, a […]


Geek Chic: Crossplay for the Ladies

While we are a cosplaying Collective here, I’ll admit I haven’t participated in much crossplay. Um, what’s crossplay, you ask? Well… It’s basically crossdressing cosplay. Duh. But, more than that, crossplaying gives men and women the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters without gender-enforced stereotypes, and we love that. While there are some […]