Benedict Cumberbatch

This is Smaug. Hear Him Purr.

Ringers, Hobbiteers, and Tolkienites, let’s talk about the dragon. Better known to Tumblr as “Smauglock.” As someone who has been waiting for The Hobbit for over a decade, I can readily admit that I’ve put a lot of thought into how Smaug the Tremendous should be portrayed. And by whom. Now, to my mind, a […]


Meme Monday: Benedict Cumberbatch

So, this weekend, the Collectress and I had an entire conversation via text message memes. These are the highlights. Happy Monday! Xoxo The Collectiva Diva Related articles Meme Monday: NSFW Destiel ( Meme Monday: What Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer? ( Coming Fall 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet? ( The Cat Who Dressed As Benedict […]