Fanfic Wednesday: “Survivor’s Guilt”

“Survivor’s Guilt” by LaughingSenselessly (AO3) Pairings: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin  Word Count: 102,671 Author’s Summary “There’s no one else to live for anymore.” Clarke utters those words without too much emotion. They’ve had time over the years to reflect on all the people ripped away from their lives. It’s no longer a fierce, stabbing pain, just a kind […]


Fanfic Wednesday: “Meet Me in the Morning”

“Meet Me in the Morning” by monroeslittle (AO3) Pairings: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake (The 100) Word Count: 25,375 Author’s Summary “I guess one of us is messed up,” he said, “and it’s part of our hallucination that the other is, too.” He paused. “Seems appropriately hellish that my mind sticks me with you.” She pursed her lips. “Likewise.” […]