Love is the ultimate motivator. We never know just how far we’ll go in the name of love until we are tested or pushed to prove our devotion.


Zoom (Tony Todd) knows Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is back on Earth 2 and didn’t come alone. He is one pissed off villain and will stop at nothing to track down Harry and eliminate him.  This just makes the clock tick faster for Harry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes), whose mission to rescue Jessie is now twice as tricky since Flash is also a captive of Zoom’s.

As if that’s not bad enough, they almost forgot about Barry (Grant Gustin) from Earth 2 who was tied up in a closet. He’s awake and not happy about his treatment. He wants an explanation, but there’s no time for that, Zoom is in Star Labs and can smell blood.

You’re going to go through the looking glass. Don’t be distracted by what you see and hear.


After methodically closing all the breaches/portals except the one in Star Labs, Harry (Tom Cavanagh), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) set off on their journey through the “rabbit hole” to Earth 2. Once there, they have 48 hours to find Zoom, defeat him, save Harry’s daughter Jessie, and return to Earth 1. If they don’t return, that means the mission failed and Jay needs to close the portal, leaving Barry and Cisco trapped on Earth 2.

Sometimes doing the right thing comes with great heartache and consequences.


With Patty gone, Barry (Grant Gustin) focuses on mending his broken heart by burying himself into his work. Nothing like trying to find a way to close the 52 breaches all over Central City to take your mind off a failed relationship.

Barry is enthusiastic about working with Harry (Tom Cavanagh). It feels like the good old days, before Wells turned out to be the bad guy. If only Harry felt the same way.