While I make no secret about my love of the DC Universe, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I indeed love everything Marvel. I see no competition between the two complex universes, instead preferring to value the best in both worlds (Batman, the Avengers) while completely ignoring the stuff I dislike (Superman, Spiderman) and not giving a crap about peoples’ opinions on my choices. That being said, I have fallen in deep fan-love with the MCU this year. I’ve always loved the X-Men, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced me to a new obsession–Captain America and the Avengers. For me, it all started in 2008 with Iron Man and RDJ in a role that seemed to be made for him. Then Thor. Chris Hemsworth as a long-haired demigod with Natalie Portman as a badass scientist? Yes, please. Then the first Cap movie, Avengers, and all of a sudden, I was seeing these films multiple times, purchasing them on Blu-ray and engaging in the fandom. What intrigues me about the MCU is the care that multiple writers, directors, actors and producers (thank you, Kevin Feige!) deal with these films and the intricate plot webs that unite the universe. As a fan of pretty intense and long running shows (Doctor Who, Supernatural), what the MCU has done is unique in that they’ve created an original megafranchise that will no doubt inspire Hollywood for years to come. With the release of an intricate and loooong MCU timeline (2987 B.C.-2014 A.D.) and the assurance that Marvel knows exactly where the story is going, it’s an exciting time for comic book and film nerds alike. Since I finally finished S1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m going to start there.

Spoilers ahead, sweetie!



Title: Little Lies to Get Me By

Author: OhCaptainMyCaptain

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Word Count: 149,908 (WIP)

Warnings: NSFW, era-typical homophobia, Some non-con activities up to about chapter 6 (from an outside source; neither Steve nor Bucky are the perpetrators). *WARNING TAG FOR RAPE/NONCON IS ONLY APPLICABLE UP TO CHAPTER 6*


the light before we land: by sandara
the light before we land: by sandara

Hello Shipmates!

Collectiva Diva here, getting ready to enjoy a summer of fanfiction with you, our discerning readers. I hope you will enjoy these next few stories as much as I do. Collectress and I have similar but distinct tastes, so get ready for twists on fan favorites and a few new ships. YES I KNOW. Collectress has teased me mercilessly for staying aboard the #USSDestiel for an entire year, and so here I am, branching out with my first fic rec for you, dearies. I promised Collectress I would do her column justice as she galavants around town; moving, writing for 2 Big Bangs (and beta-ing mine), while acting as Captain for Team Mutiny in the Impala for GISHWHES in August. I, on the other hand, have nothing better to do than become obsessed with the good ship Stucky.

And let me tell you…I. Am. Hooked.

Source: comicvine.com
Source: comicvine.com

Natasha Romanoff, perhaps better known as the Black Widow, is everything I ever wanted in a comic book heroine. If you don’t know much about her, here’s a quick bio:

Born in Stalingrad, Natasha was trained by Russian Intelligence operatives and became a sleeper agent for the Black Widow Program (one of her instructors was none other than Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier). Eventually she was influenced enough by Hawkeye to rebel against her superiors, and began freelance work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury until teaming up with the Avengers.

Property of Marvel
Property of Marvel

Now, since Scarlett Johansson has taken on the role of the assassin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, interest in the character has grown exponentially. So much so, in fact, that
the Black Widow got her own comic series which launched in January 2014.

If you follow The Collective (@nerdwrldprblms) or my own acct (@dearcollectress) on Twitter, you’ve probably seen my increasing number of tweets about the Diva’s and my Avengers cosplay, which we first did for WonderCon. 

The Collectiva Diva and I have fallen  in love with cosplay (OK so maybe I was already in love and I gripped Diva tight and pulled her into the rabbit hole with me), but as struggling bloggers and writers with full-time jobs in the academic world, it’s hard to find the time (and money) to make a costume. Most of you can probably relate. So I decided that I would make my costume as inexpensive and DIY as possible, so I could share my knowledge with the cosplayers on a budget.

When I went to WonderCon, I had my Widow’s Bites made as per Kit Quinn’s tutorial on YouTube, but I quickly discovered a flaw in that design–when the bandolier bullets aren’t securely fastened to something, they come undone and fall off your wrist! So before I put the catsuit on again, I made some adjustments to the bracelets, and they are now perfectly secure and more comfortable!

Here’s a short tutorial on how I made my Widow’s Bites (pictured below.)

Update: there is now a tutorial for Widow’s Bites 2.0

blog pic

What You’ll Need:

  • Plastic bandolier bullet belt (available here on Amazon)
  • Flat (matte) black spray paint
  • 2-inch wide black elastic
  • Velcro strips
  • Super glue (or hot glue if you prefer it)

I’m not a morning person, and after a hefty dose of Benadryl, I’m the Walking Dead.  Apparently all it takes is a WonderCon badge to make me a morning person.  Now, as the Collectiva Diva has detailed, we did a group cosplay as the Lady Avengers. Diva was a Lady Captain America, and I, well, I poured myself into a PVC bodysuit and thigh holsters. Two guesses as to who I was.


But more on cosplay later.

We arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center before 9 a.m. and after a weapons check (Tasha don’t mess around), we were in line for the arena for the Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox presentations. We didn’t know exactly what we were waiting to see, but we were pretty damn excited about it. That’s a lie. I knew Richard Armitage was going to be in the building, and I was sure as f**k excited about that.



Mr. Armitage was there to promote his new film “Into the Storm,” a natural disaster fic set in small town America and costarring Sarah Wayne  Callies (“Laurie” from TWD). He obligingly answered a few questions about his role as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, however, and the arena went crazy for it. He’s a polite and professional convention attendee, and that’s one thing I can cross off my bucket list: see an actor from LotR or The Hobbit. 

But wait.

The very next panel was for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, starring Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, and ANDY SERKIS. Okay, breathe, I told myself. So what if you’ve seen two actors from Middle-earth in the span of 30 minutes? That’s just one more thing to cross off of the bucket list.

WonderCon, Anaheim Convention Center, April 18-20, 2014

The Collective bloggers have been working our asses off recently, at our day jobs, fangirling here at acollectivemind.com, and preparing a brilliant femme!Avengers group cosplay for our most recent endeavor, WonderCon 2014.



If you follow @Nerdwrldprblms on Twitter, then you might have seen some of the pictures from our Saturday at SoCal’s spring kick-off comic convention or followed our tweets as we sat through presentations by Warner Brothers, Fox Films, Marvel Now, Showrunners, Legends, The OneRing.net and saw sneak previews of films such as Godzilla, How To Train Your Dragon, Into The Storm, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and more. There was so much to see and plenty to discuss, so The Collectress and I have decided to split our “best of” moments into two separate posts, one written by each of us. I’m lucky enough to start us off with my top 3 moments of WonderCon 2014.

3) Showrunners


This top 3 moment came as a surprise to me. I had never heard of this film, but after sitting through the panel, I’m fascinated by the idea of a documentary which explores the jobs of those who create and run popular television shows today. The project was originally funded on Kickstarter, and so it seems to be a labor of love to those involved. The pleasant surprise came when Chris Carter–X-Files showrunner, and Andrew Kreisenberg–Arrow showrunner, happened to sit on this panel, both of whom have created unique and engaging television shows that I love. I have been a fan of X-Files since I was a teen watching it on Fox, Friday nights at 9pm with my mom, and thus, Chris Carter’s work. The writer admitted he hasn’t written much past the pilot for The After (watch S01xE01 here) a new web series which premiered in February on Amazon TV, but has hopes for what the show might become. Click the link above to check out the show for free on Amazon.com.

Also in attendance was Andrew Kreisenberg, the showrunner of one of my new favorite television shows, Arrow on the CW. I’m just going to get down to business and say yes, I did tweet about Olicity yesterday and yes, Kreisenberg seemed to be hinting at the legitimacy of that particular ship when he said that fans should just be patient for relationships between characters to develop and not tweet wank to him about the show. Basically. The writer and producer also discussed the imminent Flash series and all the fun they are having creating these comic book series that fans, producers and even the network president, seem to love.

Kreisenberg also talked about the John Barrowman and his the role of Malcolm Merlin, stating that all the “hero” baggage the actor brought from the role of Captain Jack Harkness (from Doctor Who, you dolt), gave the villain role depth and went against the normal fan perceptions of the actor. I couldn’t agree more.