Fanfic Wednesday: Heaven’s Most Wanted (NSFW)

Title: Heaven’s Most Wanted Author: elliex Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester Word Count: 133,396 (WIP) Warnings: NSFW, Better than a fix-it fic Premise: The author’s description: The heavenly fallout changes everything in the Winchesters’ world. It takes Castiel away from Dean and Sam (especially Dean). Castiel is dealing with the loss of his grace, the haunting memories of […]


Fanfic Wednesday: Twisted, Tied Up and Tangled #1 in the What’s Your Fantasy? Series (NSFW)

Title: Twisted, Tied Up & Tangled #1 in the What’s Your Fantasy? Series Author: chasethewind Pairing: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen (Arrow TV 2012) Word Count: 5463 (WIP series: 82,923) Warnings: Explicit het shmexy times Premise: The author’s description (of Twisted, Tied Up & Tangled #1 in the series):”My fantasy,” she whispered as she pressed her lips to his […]