Instead of the sappy Valentine’s day fodder you’re going to be bombarded with all weekend, I come bearing some seriously scary shows that will terrify you more than the price of a dozen roses on this ridiculously overpriced Hallmark holiday. Cuddle up with your significant other, and watch these films with a bucket of popcorn, a fluffy blanket and a flask of holy water.


xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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1) American Horror Story

The first 3 seasons of American Horror Story are available on Netflix and season 1 is a terrifying introduction to the actors who will create 3 very different stories with very different characters throughout. Pleather-covered killers, creepy doctors and unsolved murders make this a go-to for the burgeoning horror aficionado.

2) The Walking Dead

We here at The Collective LOVE The Walking Dead and, if you haven’t started the show yet, now is the time, my friend. Netflix has Seasons 1-4 and AMC is currently broadcasting season 5. If you love zombies and dystopian narratives, this is definitely the show for you.