Welcome to Kick Ass Women in Comics Week here on the Collective Blog! Each day, we will be exploring our usual content through the lense of women in comics. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s gonna be an exciting week.


Every superhero needs supergear to look and feel the part. Here are some of my favorite Super Heroine Geek Chic items across the interwebs. Click on the links to go to the page and BUY BUY BUY!


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1) DC Bombshells Art Print Sets


DC Comics Bombshells is DC Collectibles’ new line featuring the female superstars in poses inspired by classic pin-up art. Featuring Supergirl, Poison Ivy and more, these 50’s vintage art pieces are perfect to show off your comic book love in your home or office. The Quantum Mechanix website has 10 of these lovely prints designed by Ant Lucia available for purchase now.

Bombshell art prints $15-30
Bombshell art prints $15-30

2) Black Widow Icon Tee


HerUniverse.com is the place to go for geek girl fashion. The site offers female fans a chance to wear their faves in OUR size, OUR fit and on OUR terms. While Marvel has failed to properly promote the awesomeness that is Black Widow, we do get a few items showcasing the superhero, and this is one of them.

Black Widow tee $20
Black Widow tee $20

3) Princess Leia Skater Dress


Every girl needs a comfy and cute outfit for saving the galaxy, and this Princess Leia dress fits the bill. This hooded replica of Leia’s robe and bun ensemble comes in 5 different sizes and in 6 different galaxies.



S01xE08: “Valediction”

After weeks of working on her own against Leviathan, Peggy Carter has finally become part of the team at the SSR. She has fought for the respect of her peers, worked to prove her ability and consistently points her coworkers in the direction of the proper baddies time and time again. It seems that finally, her rebellion will gain meaning as Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko attempt to use Howard Stark’s inventions to destroy New York City with Peggy poised to stop them. But, while the perceptions of Peggy Carter have shifted, the Patriarchy will not unravel at the bidding of a single woman. Even as Peggy saves the day once again, we are reminded of the confines within which she operates, and of the value placed on gender biases by the society she lives in.

spoilers ahead, sweetie…


S01xE07: “Snafu”

The misconceptions, assumptions and sheer ignorance of her abilities as a spy have forced Peggy to articulate her issues with the Patriarchy, which may be exactly what is necessary for her team to move forward in the fight to eliminate Leviathan as a security threat. There is great power in words–Dr. Ivchenko uses language to manipulate SSR agents, The Howling Commandoes voice respect for Peggy, which shifts Thompson’s preception of her and then Thompson speaks his secret of killing surrendering soldiers in order to break that secret’s hold over him. Words contain power and Peggy has decided to voice the truths about her treatment–at the SSR and within 1940s culture in  general–in order to regain control of her own identity and remain on her heroic path.

spoilers ahead, sweetie...


S01xE06: “A Sin to Err”

Throughout this season of Agent Carter, fellow SSR agents have continuously err’d in their perceptions of Peggy Carter, which she has used to her advantage, until now. While she was previously acknowledged for her bravery and tactical skills during the op with the Commandoes in Russia, the SSR is beginning to discover they have underestimated Peggy Carter and what she is capable of. Her deception and “double agent” status started out as a necessary evil because of a clear refusal from her male coworkers to allow her to give her expertise to their investigations. Peggy’s femaleness has barred her from being treated as an equal member of the SSR staff and his underestimation has led to a break within the SSR that can only be fixed if those around her are able to reconcile Peggy’s abilities and intentions along with her femaleness. For Peggy, this may mean being treated as harshly as any traitor would, as her peers discover the secrets she’s been keeping from them.

spoilers ahead, sweetie…