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Agent Carter S01xE07: Peggy Carter and the Linguistics of Feminism

S01xE07: “Snafu” The misconceptions, assumptions and sheer ignorance of her abilities as a spy have forced Peggy to articulate her issues with the Patriarchy, which may be exactly what is necessary for her team to move forward in the fight to eliminate Leviathan as a security threat. There is great power in words–Dr. Ivchenko uses language to manipulate SSR agents, The […]


Agent Carter S01xE06: The Absurdity of Rebellion and the Dilemma of Peggy Carter

S01xE06: “A Sin to Err” Throughout this season of Agent Carter, fellow SSR agents have continuously err’d in their perceptions of Peggy Carter, which she has used to her advantage, until now. While she was previously acknowledged for her bravery and tactical skills during the op with the Commandoes in Russia, the SSR is beginning to discover they have […]


Agent Carter (S01xE04): Carter, Sousa and Equality in the Workplace

S01xE04: “The Blitzkrieg Button” So far in Agent Carter, we have explored expectations of women in 1950s society, especially how Peggy navigates through the stereotypes placed on her because of gender. While some reviewers seem to have gotten tired of being reminded of Peggy’s feminism, I find it refreshing that Marvel has taken the realities of discrimination […]