If you’ve read our blog regularly over the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed my mentioning how much f**king writing I was doing. Dear readers, let me tell you that I felt like a zombie as I participated in two Big Bangs challenges in the span of ten months, all the while holding a full time job, applying to grad programs, maintaining this blog, Gishing, etc.

It’s not like I was busy or anything

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Later on (in a few weeks or months or whenever I restore my sanity), I’ll write more about why I chose to write in two challenges, and how my ideas came together, but right now? I have a few things I need to confess.

Confession 1: I had NO clue what I was doing.


Title: In A Land of Prats and a Time of Zombies         Author: jinkandtherebels 

Pairings: Merlin/Arthur                                                   Word Count: 54,080

About After Camlann

I’m back, shippers!

Yes, after a summer off from reccing fanfic, I have returned to you, my faithful followers of my fleet of ships. I hope you enjoyed the Collectiva Diva’s recs over the past ten weeks or so, but no fear, I’ve been doing my reading and I have a lovely list of fics to rec to you over the next few months. Let me also draw your attention to the lovely header that my dear Collected Mutineer has created for Fanfic Wednesday. Swoon away.

Now, before I jump into my review of this week’s fic, let me explain the need for my hiatus from reccing. I took on a big task this summer: I participated in not one but two Big Bang fanfic challenges and I needed the time to write. However, from this mighty task came several fanfics to rec! My first BB extravaganza was the After Camlann challenge, which is for the BBC Merlin fandom. The requirements for this challenge were to create a story with a length of at least 25,000 words, from which the artist you were paired with would draw inspiration for their works. The best part about participating in this challenge was reading the other participants’ fics and swooning over the art, and one of the first I read also happens to be my favourite.  Allow me to introduce you to the Merlin/Warm Bodies fusion.