I love the holiday season. Decorations at my house go up as soon as Thanksgiving is over, while Christmas music hits the stereo around Halloween. As soon as school is out for me and the kid, we spend much of our time snuggled up in the living room with a fire, fresh baked cookies and a Christmas movie. So, let’s pop a bowl of popcorn, roast a few marshmallows and enjoy a few good films, shall we?

5) Gremlins

I want a Gizmo for Christmas and I cross my hearts I will not feed him after midnight. These mischievous monsters will steal your heart and your car keys in this classic eighties film that just happens to be set at Christmas time.

So I went home last night with the intention of writing something thought-provoking and borderline academic for y’all. I had an outline in my head and everything….and then I turned on Netflix.

You know what that means.

Almost four hours later, I’d watched ten episodes of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23dont_trust_the_b_in_apartment_twenty_three_ver2

Now, if you’ve been to our blog before, you may have noticed that I feel rather strongly about how the media portrays women. I mourn the lack of quality, diverse women on the big and small screen, and I look forward to the day when someone hires me to pen the world’s next big thing, featuring a female lead that’s kick-ass and womanly.

So why watch a show that is, to quote a friend, “so obviously and disgustingly anti-feminist and shallow?”

Call it morbid curiosity.

Now, I can see why this show would be criticized. The “B—-“, Chloe (played by Krysten Ritter), is rude and obnoxious. She parties hard, has sex with strangers, and generally cares about no one but herself. Her best friend is Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek (played oh so satirically by James Van Der Beek). She’s shallow; she’s selfish; she’s mean.  She is the epitome of the entitled white girl who lives the “fabulous life” and cares more about her shoes than world hunger.  She’s the kind of person I would never want as a friend.

It’s been a while since we met at the crossroads, friend.

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

So, the mid-season finale. Yeah. Kevin Tran. Yeesh. And SAM?? Poor moose. Poor MOOSE!! Honestly, though, I feel for Dean, whom, it seems, will never catch a break. His lies have set in motion a fearful end to season 9, including the death of the Collectress’ new crush, Kevin Freaking Solo. Supernatural returns from Hellatus January 14, 2014, and I don’t have much to add to the spoiler list as of now. Looking back at previous spoilers we’ve talked about this season, I was excited to see some of them come to fruition last night. Metatron is still a douche, and he did indeed meet up with Sam/Zeke/Gadreel in a dark alley, amongst other places. The problem still remains, what the hell are we supposed to do during the Hellatus?? For one, I suggest you visit Twitter and Orlando Jones‘ tweets for the past couple of episodes. Apparently, the man is a Destiel shipper who watches SPN each week and finally decided to get in on the action with the fans on Twitter. Between Orlando, Jared, Osric and Stephen Amell from Arrow, the celeb tweeting during “Holy Terror” S09xE09 felt like an epic snark battle of wits.

The fans loved it.

J2 live tweeting "Holy Terror"
J2 live tweeting “Holy Terror”

Holy Terror

Episode 09×09 AKA The Episode When They Did What They Had To

Last week’s SPN episode made me angry, and I spent the better part of the past seven days dreading the midseason finale, because if the show didn’t redeem itself, I was going to cry. And cry I did last night, but not because the show was awful, but rather because the Winchesters once again found a way to kill my feels a little more.


The angels are back, and with a vengeance. The midseason finale lights up on what appears to be a very committed church choir entering a biker bar. The Jesus brigade has a stand off with the bikers–guess what they’re all angels–and then it quickly becomes a slaughterhouse. The angels are at war with each other; one one side we have Bartholomew (or as I like to call him, King of the Assbutts) and on the other we have Malachi, the Heavenly Douchebag (so coined). The Fall has destroyed any sense of angelic hierarchy and humanity seems to be collateral damage as the different sects of angels try to destroy each other. Malachi proposes an alliance to Bartholomew, saying that united they can reclaim heaven from Metatron. That idea crashes and burns as spectacularly as the Hindenberg Disaster.

Title: Tributes

Author: TheAvalonian

Word Count: 87,355

Rating: M

Fandom: BBC Merlin/The Hunger Games Crossover

The Premise

In the author’s words:

It is the 57th annual Hunger Games, and Merlin Emrys stands at the Reaping ceremony with Guinevere Smith at his side, unable to hear the roar of the crowd over the ringing in his own ears. Because Merlin is about to face his best friend and twenty-two strangers in a fight to the death, where there can only be one victor.

In a twisted game where death seems the only certainty, Merlin will find himself tested in ways no one could have ever predicted – and may even find himself fighting for more than just his own life as he enters into an unlikely alliance with Arthur Pendragon, the Career tribute poised to win it all.

Merlin/Arthur AU, set in the Hunger Games universe.