Episode 09×10 AKA The Episode When Crowley Proves He’s Awesome

Hello, Hunters! It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time to talk about the Winchesters. We’ve been on Hellatus for the past few weeks, and honestly? I was worried that this episode wouldn’t live up to snuff. So I went in blind. That’s right. I avoided all promos, photos, clips…everything. And you know what? I loved it. The episode made me laugh, made me swoon, and as only SPN can do, made me cry great big giant tears full of Winchester feels


Holy Terror“, the midseason finale, left us with angst, and “Road Trip” picks up right where episode 9 left off: with the angstiest of angst, brought to us by none other than the King of Angst, Dean Winchester. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to think about how Kevin Tran’s death would affect the older Winchester, and I’m sad to say I was right: Dean trashes the bunker. Luckily, recently re-mojoed Castiel shows up, and then there were some #profoundbond feels (and yes, that hashtag did trend worldwide last night). Can I just say that my little fangirl heart did the happy cha-cha-cha to see her favorite hunter and angel reunited?

Meanwhile, Gadreel is in Sam’s body meeting up with some old friends. This season has more mastermind villains than I can shake a stick at, but I think that Metatron is crowned King of the Evil Ones, mostly because he ordered Kevin Tran’s death (can I say how much I miss Osric Chau?). Anyway, Gadreel is sent by Metatron to kill Thaddeus, who is inhabiting a Justin Bieber-wannabe. Oh, sometimes I love how real life meets up with fandom.

And this is one of those times you wished that this crossed over to real life.
And this is one of those times you wished that this crossed over to real life.

So Metatron hates pop music, and is a royal douchebag, but all this pales in the return of TAHMOH PENIKETT to the SPN family. Oh yes, I fangirled hard when I saw Gadreel’s former vessel tending bar for Metatron. Just ask the Collectiva Diva.  

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