Within the 23 works written by OhCaptainMyCaptain, she has created such an expansive universe for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, from childhood to post CA:TWS, that keeps me coming back and wanting more. I currently blame this writer for my recent delve into the high school AU and Stucky AUs in general. Her 30-day challenge (on day 21 now) is unlike any I’ve ever encountered before; with 10k+ word stories posted once a week or so, her writing themes switch from canon to alternate reality with an ease not too many writers can claim. Cap also offers her “smut monkey” followers gifs and images to go with the story at the end, which, although Dear Collectress doesn’t ship it, even she appreciates that type of dedication.

If you are a Stucky fan but haven’t read “Little Lies” yet, get on that, or else we can’t be friends anymore.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

I’ve actually been writing fanfiction since I was about eleven years old (funny enough, my first slash fic is still posted on ff.net, under an old account I’d had at the time). Back then, I was very big into anime, and so much of my inspiration came from there. I’d been writing since I was a child, but at the time, it’d been mostly original (awful) stuff; the more I was submersing myself in anime, the more I found myself wanting to write stories about the different characters I was so enamoured with. I think my first piece of fanfiction I’d ever written and posted was from the show, Naruto.



A few months ago, I came across the artwork of Petite-Madame, in the form of a Bucky Barnes Instagram account.

“This is awesome!” thought I, “but who is this mysterious and talented person?”

Petite-Madame, self-taught artist from Paris, professional illustrator, and self-proclaimed fan, is changing the way fandom looks and art and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

 The artist’s unique perspective on fandom compelled me connect with her in hopes of getting some insight into why and how she does what she does. The following discussion on art and social media is insightful and telling, while her commitment to creating fanart, a medium meant to help audiences understand and explore the characters we love, is commendable. If you haven’t checked out her MOL journal or Bucky art, please do. The links can be found below.


The Collectiva Diva: Your use of art and social media, particularly the Bucky Barnes Instagram account, intrigues me. What is it about Bucky that fits this particular content (Instagram) so well? 

Petite-Madame: I find it rather funny that a super secret spy who’s described in the The Winter Soldier movie as “a ghost” could have as a main mode of expression an Instagram account where he shares his everyday life with his boyfriend Steve, his work problems, or what he ate for dinner. Superheroes are supposed to have secret identities (even if in the Marvel movies everybody knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man and Captain America has his own exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum) so, exposing Bucky’s life on a public medium such as Instagram is delightfully absurd, precisely because of this contradiction.


Also, it is very interesting to explore art wise because I have a lot of fun as an artist, trying to emulate an Instagram account and creating fake pictures of food and people in their natural environment; cooking or doing their laundry. I can play with the depth of field, the frame, the intensity of the blurs, the subjectivity of the point of view and of course, my weapon of choice, colors!

The 3rd reason is far more pragmatic: posting a drawing with a short caption on Instagram and Tumblr requires FAR less work than a 1500 word fic and the complex drawings of Journal of a Man of Letters (JOAMOL). Launching the Bucky equivalent of JOAMOL would be impossible for me or I would have to win the lottery and leave my job for good!

Breathe, Diva. Breathe.

Okay. So Scaramouche is pretty much THE reason I became obsessed with Destiel fanfic. First podfic? Scaramouche. First AU that I actually liked? Scaramouche. First and ONLY tentacle fic that makes me squee with joy? Yup–Scaramouche. And, even though she didn’t mention it below, “What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie?“, proves to me she can write anything, and I’ll like it.

"octo dean" by anubis admire
“octo dean” by anubis admire

As you read through her work, you will find her writing style is superb, attention to detail, astounding and she isn’t afraid to experiment in canon or AU, making her writing versatile while keeping our favorite boys in perfect characterization. The answers below to my 5 questions are familiar and personal, reminding me why I support (and am in awe of) the transformative community.


xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

There wasn’t a specific moment where I went, “Aha! I shall now write fanfic!” In part this was because I didn’t know that “fanfic” even was until the internet kicked off and I eased into the digital world of fannish creative expression and found other like-minded people. Before that happened, I’d say the first media to inspire to me to write would’ve been the Sweet Valley books. They were terribly contraband for schoolkid me back in the 90s (along with such scandalous media like Beverly Hills 90210) but those fictional worlds were vivid enough that I found myself writing short stories, sometimes set in the Sweet Valley world and sometimes inspired by it, though I did not have the vocabulary at the time to know what this was.Then the internet came along, and I found wonderful, meaty fan-written stories that blew my mind. Fans actually wrote this? For fun? They somehow managed to capture the tone and voice of the world, and are sharing it freely with other fans? If this is possible, then anything is possible! The first fandoms to open that world up to me were Labyrinth, the 1980s fantasy movie that’s haunted me for years, and The Secret of NIMH, the 1980s animated Don Bluth film that generated an expansive mind-blowing epic fan novel that I printed out on my poor parents’ computer printer so I could read it like a paperback and still have filed away in a cabinet.
It was in seeing what other fans managed to do that I felt that hey, maybe I could do that, too! I started out rocky, as most writers do, but the first fic I submitted to an archive was a sequel for Disney’s Mulan. The website’s long gone by now, but that was a formative little bump, especially in figuring out how to deal with submissions, feedback, and the self-consciousness of posting to a public forum. Signing up to ff.net came soon after that.

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This weekend, the Collectress, the Spaniard and I participated in our first #E4K endurance challenge, to help raise money for Misha Collin’s charity, Random Acts of Kindness. We pledged to write for 12 hours straight and pen at least 3k words of original fiction. We also promised potential donors that, if they helped us raise money, we would name a character after them.

Although the Collective bloggers are separated by a few thousand miles, that did not stop us from working together to kill poor Mr. Sullivan in the noir style murder mystery we plotted out over Skype last week. With each of us taking a different character’s point of view and writing with only yoga and coffee breaks over a 12 hour period, the end product is cohesive and intricate murder mystery that ended up pushing past 12k words.


If you’d like to read “The Price of a Good Name”, it’s below the break. If you’d like to donate, you have until October 31st. All proceeds go to Random Acts and benefit this great charity. If you DID donate to our CrowdRise, chances are, you’ve got a character written after you.

Did you kill Mr. Sullivan?


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Just a reminder. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

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Story under the page break…

Today we have the second installation of our transformative writers series, featuring friend of the blog, Zatnikatel. Although she mentions below she does dabble in other topics, this writer has 28 pieces up on AO3, all in the Supernatural fandom where she ships Destiel oh-so-good. You might recognize her name from our very popular “9 Smutty Supernatural/Destiel Fanfics” post–she holds the #6 position with one of THE HOTTEST Destiel fics I have ever read (and reread). Another favorite is her story True North, which would have made it on my End!Verse genre fic list, but I had to spread the love around to other authors. The wonderful thing about fanfiction is that, if they chose, writers remain anonymous and therefore can really explore topics in a way we might not be able to if our moms/bosses/IRL friends were looking over our shoulders. Zatnikatel currently works as a professional journalist and editor, contributing to magazines and newspapers in the US and UK. Please read on to find out about her journey into the world of fanfiction and the no nonsense advice she has for aspiring writers. Enjoy!


The Collectiva Diva

1) What/who inspired you to begin writing fanfiction?

I started out in genfic, writing a story inspired by one of my favorite early episodes: The Benders. I loved the episode for its delicious Dean whump, for the parallels between the Winchesters and the Benders (who seemed like the flipside of John, Dean and Sam), and for the really lovely performance by Jessica Steen as Sheriff Kathleen Hudak.

I always love those “what if?” moments in TV shows and movies – those forks in the road where everything might have gone in a completely different direction. Where that episode was concerned it was, “what if Missy had gotten out of the closet?” And that first genfic grew into a three-story verse adding up to about 300,000 words altogether. And I had all sorts of high-falutin’ ideas about framing it as a Hell allegory, because I had hoped for more from Dean’s post-Hell PTSD story, and felt shortchanged by what I got onscreen.

I guess not a lot of the people who are familiar with my D/C fic will have read that genfic ’verse! So I’ll mention my first D/C fic, Chrysler Almighty and just say that it was written because some dared me to. I had very pompously declared that the profound bond was enough for me and that I’d never write “proper” D/C. Said friend dared me, and so I wrote that fic as a joke, and threw everything I could think of at it. It was intended as crack, and I thought it would get 10 comments, if that. I still don’t know whether to be proud of it or embarrassed by it. Architecture!porn, what the hell was I thinking?!


Welcome to the newest series brought to you by The Collective, in which I interview your favorite fanfic writers and ask them 5 simple questions. Recently, I’ve been trying to work out how to promote transformative works and find out a little bit about some of the best authors writing your favorite ships. What better way to learn about these creative minds than from the writers themselves? This week, we start off the series with Emiliana Darling, who has penned and podficed 29 works on AO3 and one of my favorite Stucky series, Building From The Ground Up (read my review here). Emiliana was kind enough to listen to and then actually answer the ramblings of this fangirl, and I am so excited to share her insights. The comments are honest and telling of a writer who loves her trade, regardless of payment or fame. Enjoy and, if you’re feeling so inclined, check out the podfics she’s done. They’re lovely.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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1.) What/Who inspired you to write fanfiction?

The first time I ever wrote fanfiction was in 2002 – back in the days of Geocities and fanshrines, when Fanfiction.Net still allowed stories with an NC-17 rating and wild Harry Potter ship war fanatics roamed the earth. It was only a year or so after I had discovered fandom for the first time: I was 12 years old, utterly obsessive about the media I loved, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Arguably, a lot of different factors contributed to my decision to write my first (utterly terrible, oh god, thank heavens that username has been lost to the ages) fanfic: a desire to understand the source material better by engaging with it more, frenetic devotion to my favourite ships – the list goes on.

More than anything else, though, I think it was old school Harry Potter fandom that made me want to write my own fanfiction rather than just reading other peoples’ stuff; that made me think “hey, this is something I can do.”


Harry Potter fandom was so big – so impossibly, unbelievably big – that it was full to the brim with every kind of fanfiction under the sun. To my mind at the time, Harry Potter fandom was endless: you could find every kind of story written at any kind of talent level if you spent enough time looking. It was an overwhelming environment, but also an unbelievably encouraging one for a fledgling author to be in.