It’s been a while since we met at the crossroads, friend.

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

So, the mid-season finale. Yeah. Kevin Tran. Yeesh. And SAM?? Poor moose. Poor MOOSE!! Honestly, though, I feel for Dean, whom, it seems, will never catch a break. His lies have set in motion a fearful end to season 9, including the death of the Collectress’ new crush, Kevin Freaking Solo. Supernatural returns from Hellatus January 14, 2014, and I don’t have much to add to the spoiler list as of now. Looking back at previous spoilers we’ve talked about this season, I was excited to see some of them come to fruition last night. Metatron is still a douche, and he did indeed meet up with Sam/Zeke/Gadreel in a dark alley, amongst other places. The problem still remains, what the hell are we supposed to do during the Hellatus?? For one, I suggest you visit Twitter and Orlando Jones‘ tweets for the past couple of episodes. Apparently, the man is a Destiel shipper who watches SPN each week and finally decided to get in on the action with the fans on Twitter. Between Orlando, Jared, Osric and Stephen Amell from Arrow, the celeb tweeting during “Holy Terror” S09xE09 felt like an epic snark battle of wits.

The fans loved it.

J2 live tweeting "Holy Terror"
J2 live tweeting “Holy Terror”

The Walking Dead holds a dear place in my heart because I’ve enjoyed it since the beginning, week by week, for the past 4 years. After my last post, obviously this is a big deal. I’m also a huge zombie film fan. One of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog was a list of my favorite zombie movies, that I pretty much live by. Never before this show has this strange passion of mine been so well represented on the small screen. The Walking Dead has really revolutionized the way audiences view the undead and the post-apocalyptic world that deals with the phenomenon. In the past 4 years, classes on zombies have popped up at respectable universities, Long Beach and other cities host annual zombie walks, and TWD has had a prominent place at San Diego Comic-Con, including a 2013 arena-wide zombie fest at Petco Park that gave fans the chance to experience getting chased by walkers, Daryl Dixon style.

Writing about this series has been intense. Diligently, if not a week or so behind the rest of the class, I have been listening to lectures in my UC Irvine course, “Society, Science and Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead” and trying to incorporate what I’m learning into my weekly discussion on the show. Writing this way has helped me process this fairly intense season, while objectively watching my beloved characters slowly spiral into a very bleak situation. Because, while this series has instilled in audiences a healthy fear of how to deal with the undead, interacting with the living has always been a truly frightening notion.


Episode: S04xE08 “Too Far Gone”

Hello, idjits.

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

Let’s just start with the hard facts. This week’s episode of SPN was an angsty Winchester feels kind of episode that reminded me just how much I am friggen in love with the story of Dean and Sam. I haven’t cried during an ep of Supernatural since–well, since the season 8 finale and I have felt pretty blasé about 9, until “Bad Boys“. I am delighted to go to this weekend’s Supernatural BurCon   with such a strong episode fresh in my memory. Such a great character study of Dean! Gaaah, I can’t help but love that boy. That being said, let’s get started, shall we?

Poor Dean.

First of all, I had to go back and debunk my own spoilers from last week. No, Dean didn’t have sex in “Bad Boys”. Thank gawd, because that would’ve ruined the mood. No, he’s gonna do it next week in S09E08, “Rock and a Hard Place”. With a reformed porn star or some nonsense. Supposedly, it will be funny, but I’m not laughing. Is this a “fuck or die” kind of spell, SPN writers? Have you been reading fanfic again? At least Sheriff Mills will be back.

Sheriff Jody Mills
Sheriff Jody Mills