What really constitutes a good zombie flick? Personally, I don’t go for too much blood and gore (although impossible to escape in a good zombie movie) due to a weak stomach and a penchant for plot. Instead, I prefer a psychologically damaging film that seriously frightens me because it just might happen. The capital “Z” Zombie Apocalypse–with it’s fair share of flesh-eaters but just as many horrid, twisted non-zombie moments that suddenly become life and death decisions, and of course the sister/lover/child death and subsequent resurrection into the undead–those are the moments that chill me. As an avid horror fan, I find the influx of walking dead on the big and small screen, invigorating. Nothing beats a good zombie movie, with a mix of bloody grossness along with true human moments. If I can jump out of my seat, cover my face in disgust of the brain matter AND shed a tear for the irony of life, I’m a happy nerd. So what are my favorites? Well, funny you ask. The 2000’s have brought with them a new fascination for the zombie genre. The best of them take classic themes of isolation and infuse humor, dread and witty writing. Below are my 5 of my favorite zombie movies of the 21st century, spoilers be damned!


The Collectiva Diva