Hemlock Grove: A Dirty Pleasure

Most people haven’t heard of Netflix’s original series, Hemlock Grove.  I started watching it because I was sick, I’d watched every episode of Supernatural, and anything was better than trying to slough my way through A Feast for Crows. I’m seven episodes in; if you asked me the plot, I couldn’t begin to explain it to you. Yet I […]


MEMES: True Blood Season 6 – Episode 7 #TBQuotes

Originally posted on Rachel Tsoumbakos:
HBO’s True Blood Season 6, Episode 7, entitled In the Evening – while not my favourite -was stillfilled with laugh out loud moments, as well as a few incredibly poignant ones. Which quote is your fave? Firstly, though, let’s remember Nora Gaineborough (Lucy Griffiths): (Photo Credits: HBO Inc./Rachel Tsoumbakos) Related articles IN A NUTSHELL: True…


True Blood: What about Sookie?

**Beware of spoilers, darling** What is Sookie doing this season? (Besides creating deviating plotlines with her vagina). I’m beginning to worry that True Blood‘s protagonist has lost that spark that endeared her to audiences in the past. Where’s the spunky barmaid that told off Eric Northman the first time they met? Or the girl that went […]