I love quirky tees and fandom stuff, which is why I go out of my way to explore the interwebs for geeky gear by and for fans like me. My new obsession is hockey, and I’ve found that sports clothing can be *yawn* boring and predictable for a geek chic girl like me, who is all about touting my team while sharing my unique personality. I encourage you to explore the websites below to find your team or favorite players and then buy ALL the stuff!

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Look Human

Look Human has all sorts of pop culture phenomena, from TV to sports and everything inbetween. If you are in dire need of stickers to proclaim your love of a particular sport, they’ve got that. And if you need a shirt that tells the world how much you love beards and butts, I’ve got one in my closet from this site.

stickers $8.50
stickers $8.50