So far on this season of Galavant, Isabella is finally free of her betrothal to her kid cousin, King Richard is no longer a king (although his beard remains magnificent), and Galavant is chomping at the bit to rescue his fair princess. Also, there’s a lizard named Tad Cooper.

Will Galavant and Richard reach Isabella in time? Will Madalena fall prey to the temptations of sorcery? WILL WE GET A THIRD SEASON? Spoilers ahead!

Episode 9— “Battle of the Three Armies” or “This Isn’t Game of Thrones”


After a rousing recap song performed by the jester, the armies of Valencia and Hortensia prepare for battle. King Gareth is excited to fight, but becomes confused and disheartened when Madalena says that she won’t be joining him, instead choosing to watch the war from afar with Wormwood and cookies. The evil pair, who are saving the D’DEW for the most crucial moment, observe as the armies clash right on top of what happens to be Chef and Gwynne’s new house shack. Galavant’s zombie army joins the fray, and despite all the odds, Richard stays alive and kicking.

While on the battlefield, Gal and Isabella finally meet again and after a slap or two, they work out their misunderstandings. They decide to get married if they make it out of the war alive, because what better place to propose? At the same time, Gareth comes face to face with Richard—Gareth has by now realized that Madalena lied to him and sided with Wormwood’s dark arts, and the two make up.

From on high, Wormwood has spotted that someone down below is wielding the Hero Sword. He shows Madalena how to use the D’DEW, and they turn the zombie army against Gal and his gang. The heroes flee the battlefield, taking shelter in the castle. Madalena comes to parlay, and attempts to take Gareth back with her. He refuses, choosing to stand with his old friend Richard instead. Although Madalena loves Gareth, her hatred for Isabella and her love of war prompts her to unleash the undead army against them.

Cue the 30-second long cliffhanger!