I love quirky tees and fandom stuff, which is why I go out of my way to explore the interwebs for geeky gear by and for fans like me. My new obsession is hockey, and I’ve found that sports clothing can be *yawn* boring and predictable for a geek chic girl like me, who is all about touting my team while sharing my unique personality. I encourage you to explore the websites below to find your team or favorite players and then buy ALL the stuff!

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Look Human

Look Human has all sorts of pop culture phenomena, from TV to sports and everything inbetween. If you are in dire need of stickers to proclaim your love of a particular sport, they’ve got that. And if you need a shirt that tells the world how much you love beards and butts, I’ve got one in my closet from this site.

stickers $8.50
stickers $8.50


It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to jot down who’s been naughty or nice, but this list isn’t just a catalogue of what you need to buy for others, but a collection of items you might just want to ask Santa for yourself.

Here are my ten favorite gift ideas for 2k15 for you and your favorite geek.

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 1) A year-long Subscription to any Marvel Comics title $30

For your favorite Marvel geek, this subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. This will keep your girlfriend or sister busy checking the mailbox for paper copies for the title of your choosing all year long. For more comics you should be buying, check out the post here.

2) The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book $12

Coloring books are all the rage this holiday. Make sure to pick up the official GoT book at Barnes & Noble for that angsty friend who loves to suffer to this series. For more coloring books, check out my post here.


3) The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook $22

Meet Cotopaxi, a company that creates innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief. If we had all access to their warehouse during the zombie apocalypse, these are the items we’d grab first.

The Collective Tribe

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The Collectress’ Picks:

Kusa Jacket Half-Zip $169


It’s insulated. It’s chic. And it will go with my shark bite suit nicely.

Every fashionista knows, good jewelry can be the statement piece you need to bring together an outfit. While there are many options out there for chic geeks, here are some of my favorite and nerdiest high fashion pieces from all across the interwebs.

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Wonder Woman Symbol Collar Necklace $16

This gorgeous collar piece can be worn with your Wonder Woman cosplay or out on the town. Either way, you will be the talk of the super hero network.

image-jewlneckwwcollar-primary-shsnowatermarkR2-D2 Clip and Earring Bundle $70

Always a fan of the Her Universe franchise, I love this simple, vintage design that reminds me of a version of my grandmother’s brooch and hairpin collection with a geeky twist.


Last weekend, I stumbled across a t-shirt that changed everything. I love a good nerdy t-shirt, but I was completely unawares that nerd culture, a force to be reckoned with, was beginning to permeate sportswear. That’s right, you can now get nerdy sports stuff and flaunt your awesomeness at a game or at the gym. Why buy a boring, polyester microfiber shirt that looks just like everyone else’s when you can stand out as a proud nerd instead? Without further ado, here are seven kick-ass geek chic items that combine nerdiness and sports.

1.) Real Madrid Empire Crossover t-shirt

real madrid empire
Fan Official t-shirt, $25.95

AKA the shirt that spawned an exhaustive internet search last week. I am a huge Real Madrid fan, and who doesn’t love Star Wars? This was the best crossover I’d seen in a long time, and it got me wondering about other potential nerd + sports clothing. This shirt is limited, and you can only place orders until September 27. Move it or lose it!