In case you didn’t notice, the Collective gals were at Long Beach Comic Con last weekend and we had a marvelous time. It was our first time at this particular Southern California convention, and after the mayhem and madness of SDCC, the smaller event was more intimate and very inviting. My favorite part of any convention is wandering the exhibition floor and, in particular, browsing Artist Alley. (If you’ve ever attended a convention with me, you’ll know I usually come home with several pieces of art in hand!) This time, the Mutineer and I had a particular mission: find an appropriate piece of SPN art to hang in the living room.

We were not disappointed: LBCC’s Artist Alley spanned nearly half the exhibition floor (and made my fangirl heart so, so happy) and by pure chance we stumbled on this glorious artwork:

spnnouveau So, of course, the Mutineer and I had to stop and peruse the artist’s portfolio because, you know, reasons, and then there was this artist, Kalgado.  

“…and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

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Happy Supernatural Day! That’s right, 11 years ago today, the pilot of Supernatural premiered on the WB, and promptly took over the lives of thousands. Once, it wasn’t certain if the show would survive the WB’s transition to the CW, or even make it past the planned 5 season arc. Now, it’s the longest running genre show on American television, and has long secured its place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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Here are a few ways you can celebrate this awesome anniversary, and the upcoming start of season 12 (which premieres on October 13, 2016).

Have a Supernatural marathon

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I’m sure that everyone on the planet knows this, but just in case you’ve been gone on a hunting trip…Supernatural is on Netflix! That’s right, you can watch literally any episode at the push of a button. So cuddle up with your Dean body pillow and select your favorite episode. Okay, maybe your favorite 5-10 episodes.