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True Blood: The Sh*t Hit the Fan

If you haven’t yet watched last night’s episode of True Blood, turn away now, because here there be spoilers. (And now ye be warned). Personally, this season has me angsty and yelling at my television screen. Occasionally, I throw things at it (mostly popcorn…I wouldn’t really damage my entertainment lifeline…). Last night, though, Truebies learned […]


The Royals Visit the TARDIS Set

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are admitted Whovians (Parenthood: you’re doing it right) and that in itself is awesome. Today, Camilla and Charles visited with Steven Moffat, Jenna Louise-Coleman, Matt Smith (all adorably bald) and crew inside the 11th Doctor’s Gallifreyian time machine. Is that Matt offering spoilers to Camilla? Yes we know it’s your FINAL HURRAH, Matt, […]