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Episode 09×07 AKA the Episode with Winchester Feels

This week I’m struggling to write about this episode. Not because I didn’t like it, on the contrary, but because the episode hit a little too close to home. So forgive me for stilted angsty writing this week; I’ll be back to my snarky self next week.


The writers made a brilliant choice this week in keeping the plot simple. Dean receives a phone call from a man named “Sonny,” who is revealed to be the man in charge of a boys’ home. Dean reveals to Sam that he spent two months there when he was sixteen, and that John Winchester had lied to Sam about it. Dean plays it off nonchalantly, like it wasn’t important, when in fact, it may have been the most significant two months of his childhood. But more on that later.

Sonny calls Dean because of a death on the farm–a man has been skewered by a forklift that no one was driving. Definitely a case for the Winchesters.

As the boys investigate the mysterious death, Dean has flashbacks to his time in the group home. Sixteen-year-old Dean (played by Dylan Everett) is still a smart ass and still following in John Winchester’s footsteps. We see that Dean was not miserable in the group home; Sonny gave him the support, encouragement, and paternal guidance that John Winchester couldn’t; Dean fell in love with a girl named Robin. Sam slowly pieces together what Dean’s life was like on the farm, solving the case of Dean Winchester while Dean hunts down the ghost.

After Ruth, a woman who lives/works on the farm , is killed in a bathtub, and a young boy is injured by the lawnmower, the Winchesters realize that they’re dealing with a rather vengeful ghost who is very protective of one little boy, Timmy.

The ghost is Timmy’s mother, and in one heartbreaking moment, Dean and Sam realize that the ghost isn’t tied to an object. The ghost is connected to Timmy, and Timmy has to let go of his mother so that she can move on into the afterlife and he can move on with his own. 

Bad Boys


Warning: If slash makes you squick, turn away, cuz darling, I love my slash OTP and I will never apologise for it. 

Okay, first let me defend my choice of title. Destiel is the flagship in my armada of ships; a majority of my weekly fanfic recs are devoted to Team Destiel. And if you’ve looked around our blog ever, you’ve probably noticed that 1) we are Supernatural fans and 2) we ship Destiel (we ship it, ship it good). However, I’ve recently decided that I don’t need the writers of the show to make my OTP overtly canon. I mean, I’d like it–lies, I’d squee like a 12 year old–but I don’t need it. I won’t stop watching the show if it doesn’t happen, and if either Cas or Dean get it on with sexy lady, I’m not going to throw my television out the window (well, not the flatscreen anyway). In fact, even if they never share another hug, I will still love Supernatural. 

I can hear all the Destiel shippers gasping in shock. How dare I not ship the shippest of the ships? Don’t I know that Dean and Castiel share a profound bond?

Yes, yes, I do. And I believe these boys to have a bond so profound that it doesn’t need to be canonized to legitimize it. Even if you don’t ship Destiel, Dean and Castiel do have a deep relationship that is more than just a little bit complicated. Let’s consider what we know about the hunter and angel’s relationship, those things we know to be true because they are in the canon.

Continuing our countdown of our favorite episodes, today I’m focusing on “The Real Ghostbusters” from season 5. Now, season 5 had one of the biggest (and darkest) plot arcs of the show, but I’m choosing to follow the Collectiva Diva’s post from yesterday with another metanarrative exploration of Supernatural. 

I’ve written about this before, but one of my favorite things about this show is that it never takes itself too seriously. Even in the midst of a potential apocalypse and a goddamned showdown between Michael and Lucifer, the writers will toss in a gem like “The Real Ghostbusters” to remind us that, hey, sometimes funny shit happens to the Winchesters too.

Dozens of Winchester cosplayers don’t hurt either.

The Real Ghostbusters


S05xE09 AKA the Time the Writers Acknowledged the Fandom by Writing this Episode

Dean’s Best Line:

“No, I’m not a fan, okay. Not fans. In fact, I think the Dean and Sam story sucks. It is not fun, it’s not entertaining. It is a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nuthouse! So you listen to me. Their pain is not for your amusement. I mean, you think they enjoy being treated like-like circus freaks?”

Sam’s Best Line:

Sam: Oh, and Chuck, if you want keep writing Supernatural books, its ok with us.

Chuck: Wow. Really?

Sam: No, not really. We have guns and we’ll find you.


If you don’t watch SPN, this is going to sound a little insane, but bear with me. The writers of the television show we watch, wrote the characters of the show visiting a convention about a series of books–also called Supernatural–at which the attendees of said convention fangirl and cosplay over the same fictional characters that we, the real audience, do. So we’re watching a fictional representation of  people like ourselves encountering the “real” objects of our fanaticism, and it’s being detailed in parody by the real writers for our amusement.

Somewhere in the first five minutes of the episode, Kripke and Singer take the Colt and shoot the fourth wall.

It’s the writers’ way of acknowledging the fandom, and I love them more for it.