Become Part of The Collective

We are looking for experienced writers who love popular culture and want to share their thoughts with fellow geeks from across the world. Our worldwide audience is mainly composed of fans of television, film, literature and transformative works. Please visit our social media sites (FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr) and read through a few posts to get a feel of our style and personality.

We are currently looking for pieces in the following areas:

  • Travel (Such as conventions or your favourite comic shop)
  • Gaming (Tell us all about how you pwned in WoW last week)
  • Film reviews (Can’t stop talking about the last film you saw? Tell us.)
  • Literature (Write a book review. Put together a rec list)

Have another idea that’s not listed? That’s okay, we love suggestions too.

If you would like to write for us, please read the following Submission Guidelines and fill out the form at the bottom. 

Submission Guidelines

How to Submit

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and spare no detail on what you would like to write for us. One of our admins will respond to you within a day or two, and work with you on developing your piece and setting up a tentative post date. You will be required to submit a draft  in DocX format at least one week before posting. Mostly, this is because we’re really excited to see what you’ve created, but also because sometimes a rewrite is required. Don’t fret if we ask for a rewrite, it’s part of the editorial process.

Word Count

Please keep the word count under 1000 words. Please and thank you.

Images, Videos, and Permissions

We love multimedia posts. Give us something pretty to look at as  we read your stuff. Images, video clips, and gifs are all encouraged by our admins. Just don’t overdo it. We do expect words and stuff; we’re not Buzzfeed. Please include links to the media you would like to use in your submissions.

Always get permission to use someone else’s work. It is extremely important that you obtain permission before including anyone else’s work in your piece. This includes, but is not limited to: fiction, quotes, photography, edits, fanart, etc. If it can be copyrighted, ask permission. If you didn’t make it, ask permission.

Do I get paid?

Unfortunately, we cannot pay you at this time, but think of this as free publicity and a chance to hone your writing skills. We are happy to include links to any/all of your social media accounts, and to promote your writing in any way that we can. 


Proper grammar and punctuation are appreciated so that minimal editing is required. If you struggle with grammar, try Grammarly. It’s free.

Becoming A Regular

If, after writing for us a few times, you would like to become a regularly featured writer, please contact one of our admins at and we will be happy to discuss it with you.


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