About Us

Once upon a time, the Collective team failed to obtain passes to Comic Con International. In 2013, we gnashed our teeth and tore our clothes, angered and confused. Out of the ashes of bitter disappointment rose a phoenix of an idea: unleash our geeky prowess upon the blog-o-sphere so that someday (with any luck) we would be able to register for a press Comic Con International badge and live our dream to mingle with the nerdiest of fandoms, those entities of singular passions and questionable fashion sense. In 2015, our geek life goal came to fruition and we strutted our stuff with the mightiest of fandoms in San Diego, and now that we’ve made it, we’re determined to carry on with our professional fangirling.

The Collective Admin Team consists of two fangirls compelled to write about the things we love–tv, movies, books, fashion and fandomania in general–and share our insights into geek culture with the world. After penning this blog anonymously like two mad women in a dark attic somewhere, we decided to share a bit about ourselves.

Meet The Collectress: Writer, Owner and Social Media Maven

IMG_8135The Collectress was born to Abnegation parents at the beginning of the Fourth Age of Middle-earth (sadly, she missed the hullabaloo with the Ring). She graduated with a M.A. in Muggle Literature, and as a proud member of Slytherin House, she emerged victorious in the 2012 Intellectual Hunger Games. Currently, she attends literary salons by day and by night, she’s the writer your parents never wanted you to read. Read her fanfic here.  Follow the Collectress on Twitter @dearcollectress 

What is your patronus? Stephen Colbert.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Been a Trekkie since I was in utero.
Fluff, Smut or Angst? Fluffy angst with a side of smut, please.
Who do you fangirl over? The M&Ms: Misha and Martin.
Joss Whedon’s opus? Everything Whedon touches is pure gold. I could no more choose between the ventricles of my heart.
River or Rose? Rose Tyler, every time, every universe.
Dream cosplay?  Jareth the Goblin King.
Narnia or Middle Earth? Lothlorien.
Which super villain do you love to hate?  He Who Shall Not Be Named.
OTP? Ok ok top 3… Destiel is my flagship. TenxRose is my het ship. Merthur is my almost-canon ship.

Meet C. Diva: Writer, Owner and Editor For Collected Contributors 


C. Diva once expelled a demon with nothing but a pinch of house salt and the Vulcan Death Grip. She is obsessed with Beyonce and fangirls over hockey like it’s her job. Diva enjoys living in the dumpster and has copious amounts of tea and cookies for when you come over to the Dark Side. Definitely factionless, she always makes time for a good book but often enjoys dirty fan fiction instead. Follow C. Diva on TwitterTumblr, or AO3 but don’t look for her on SnapChat. 

What is your patronus? A Moose. Heehee ya, that’s a Sam Winchester reference.
Star Wars or Star Trek?  My mother raised me a Star Trek nerd, but I’ve grown to love using random Star Wars references in my daily life.
Fluff, Smut or Angst? Smut with a side of fluff, please.
Who do you fangirl over? If I loved Sidney Crosby any more, I’d be Evgeni Malkin.
Joss Whedon’s opus? Firefly. Browcoats, Unite!
River or Rose? River Song is the Doctor’s wife, so anything else would just be wrong.
Dream cosplay? Darth Vader
Narnia or Middle Earth? Narnia, because I do love a good wardrobe.
Which super villain do you love to hate? Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter (but especially Mads’ version).
OTP? Ok ok top 3…? Stucky is my heart, Destiel is my soul, and Sid/Geno is my other heart, because I’m a timelord.


Contributing Collectors

Occasionally, we will collect writers to pen a witty text or edit down verbose posts. Interested in writing for The Collective Blog? Email us at to.the.nerd (at) gmail (dot) com and let us know or visit our Submissions page.

Meet The Collected Mutineer: Editor of Photography, Staff Writer, and Tag Wrangler

Usually referred to as the Spaniard, the Collected Mutineer hails from the ethereal realm of Dorne. Her Kryptonites are many, and include C.S. Lewis, Alfred Lord Tennyson, various forms of chocolate, and Tom Hiddleston. Her superpowers are being able to read smut in public without blushing, and the ability to photoshop the Padamoose into any photograph. She suffers from fernweh, and longs to be a travel writer who can churn out a best-selling novel now and again. Until then, she survives via fanfiction. For a good pirate joke, follow the Collected Mutineer on Twitter @ImpalaMutineers

Meet Katie: Contributing Vlogger, Film Reviewer, and Expert in Geeky Aesthetics

Katie is a makeup artist/blogger from the Great White North (AKA, good ol’ Canada). She spends her time creating YouTube videos, writing about anything that crosses her mind, and living vicariously through episodes How I Met Your Mother. You can check out her videos here. Or follow Katie on Twitter and at her Blog.

Meet Jeremy Caesar: Contributing Writer, Photographer, and Podcaster

From the page to the screen, Jeremy Caesar loves all forms of storytelling. He’s a photographer that writes film reviews and hopes to become a filmmaker. He digs Stanley Kubrick, Jessica Chastain, Sufjan Stevens, Disney, books, beards, art… whatever gets his mind going, and he’s always willing to talk to you. Follow Jeremy on Twitter @jkcasaesar.

Meet The Collected Canadian: Contributing Writer

From a place most cannot spell or pronounce (Saskatchewan), our dear Canadian intern soon found herself living in a cupboard somewhere in America.  She had a cupboard-mate for a while, but was later upgraded to her own cupboard space.  Her petite size is often mistook for being fragile, but her strength is fierce. This neighbor to the North was collected by the Collectress, and given a chance to live a human-like life.  By day, she flies her pterodactyl to and from an office job.  At night, she delves into her demented mind and terrifies anyone who comes near. Follow her on Twitter @TheCollectedOne for more maple madness.

Meet Cara Averna: Contributing Writer

Cara is a movie nerd, an Otaku, and known bibliophile. She writes about Fandom studies, Anime, and Manga on her blog year around, but during fall she watches way too much horror movies and consumes everything pumpkin. Follow her on Twitter @AvernaCara for more cool content.

Meet Liz Bowen: Contributing Writer

Liz Bowen is a long-time Doctor Who fan and first-time blogger living in Colorado Springs. She enjoys seeing her childhood recreated in cinematic excellence and will waste entire evenings waxing poetic about the technical beauty that is Transformers. She indulges in writing Supernatural fanfic and is working on her first original book. Follow her on Twitter @lizredbow and wax eloquent about Doctor Who.

Meet Mariann E. Danko: Contributing Writer

A single Mom just trying to make it through every day without losing her mind. She has a passion for writing, and shares her thoughts and somewhat off-beat parenting tactics (that includes quality Walking Dead time) with all who are willing to read them. over on her personal blog and her Facebook page. Follow Mariann on Twitter @Danko818 for more zombie fun.

Meet Jay Jaqobis: Contributing Writer

Jay Jaqobis is sometimes Jessi Bow Spence and frequently just Jessi but also sometimes Jay and will respond to any of the above, and also “Hey, you with the face.” Ze lives in the midwest with a cis dude spouse and the world’s greatest dog and does a mean impression of a housewife while battling agoraphobia and general bouts of ennui. Ze cofounded GenreTVForAll and wrote a chapter on Teenage Girls with Superpowers for the Geekiary’s e-book. Ze likes vegan food, pictures of shih tzus, and long naps. You can find zir on twitter and instagram.

Meet BetaKitten: Contributing Writer

Betakitten is a Classics student who fangirls when she should be studying. A lifelong DC, Sci-Fi and Horror fan. After writing for blogs about TV shows she ended up here with The Collective to add a little Devilry to the mix.
(Twitter @betakitten)

Meet Tiffani from Cosplay & Coffee: Contributing Writer

Tiffani is a writer and a creator. Ever since reading Harry Potter in her third-grade classroom ten years ago, she has made every effort to bring her own imagination to life. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. When she’s not writing her own fiction, she’s writing for her website Cosplay & Coffee or Movie Pilot.com. She’s a cosplayer who enjoys sharing others content as well as creating her own cosplay YouTube tutorials.

Meet The Nerdling: Contributing Writer



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  2. Hey guys! So, I’ve been nominated for a few blog awards in my time and part of the rules is that i have to nominate someone else. Now, there always seems to be a followers limit so I can never nominate you guys, but now I can! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I have nominated you guys for a “One Lovely Blog” award. Thank you for always talking nerdy to us 🙂

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