About Us

The Collective Blog was started in 2013 as a last-ditch attempt to gain passes to Comic Con International. We unleashed our geeky prowess upon the blog-o-sphere with the hope that someday we would be able to register for a press badge and live our dream to mingle with the nerdiest of geek culture. In 2015, we achieved that dream, and since then we’ve carried on with our professional fangirling and our mission to collect the best parts of geek culture.

The Collectress: Writer, Owner, and Social Media Maven

The Collectress graduated with an M.A. in Muggle Literature, and as a proud member of Slytherin House, she emerged victorious in the 2012 Intellectual Hunger Games.  In 2015, she completed her M.A. in Advanced Arithmancy. Currently, she attends literary salons by day and by night, she’s the writer your parents never wanted you to read.  Follow the Collectress on Twitter and Instagram. 

The Collected Mutineer: Editor, Writer, and Master of Secrets

The Collected Mutineer hails from the ethereal realm of Dorne. She has one too many college degrees that she would willingly exchange for a letter from Hogwarts. She suffers from fernweh, and longs to be a travel writer who can churn out a best-selling novel now and again. Until then, she survives via fanfiction and blogging. Follow the Collected Mutineer on Twitter and Instagram.

The Nerdling: Staff Writer

The Nerdling was born in the majestic land known as Texas and currently resides there after several years of journeying through Middle Earth in a failed attempt to steal the one Ring from that annoying hobbit, serving the Galactic Empire for a time, and then a short stint as a crew member on the Serenity. Since moving back to her homeland, Nerdling flirted with a hero reputation. Saving children from the dangers of adoring domineering, sparkly vampires (champions with souls are the only vampires worth loving) and teaching normals the value of nerdom, all while rooting for her beloved Dallas Stars. Then came the Sokovia Accords and her short spell of saving others came to an end. With Darth Vader’s reputation rightfully returning to badass status, Nerdling is making her way back to the Empire. They do have cookies, you know. You can find her on Twitter @nerdlingstale.


Contributing Collectors

Occasionally, we will collect writers to pen a witty text or edit down verbose posts. Interested in writing for The Collective Blog? Email us at admin(@)acollectivemind.com.

The (Collected) Canadian: Contributing Writer

From a village that’s still known as a village today, surrounded by Saskatchewan prairies, this neighbor to the North was collected by the Collectress. She relocated after winning a vacation package through the internet, but lost an engine mid time-travel and landed somewhere around 1945. This incident caused her to discover classic film, cars, and pin-up fashion—interests that remained after returning to the modern day. When she’s not time-traveling, you’ll find her drinking dark-roast coffee at art walks, music festivals, in museums and nature, while writing for this blog, and studying aviation. Ironically, she also works with others whom desire to prevent humankind from repeating history. She hopes to one day meet the 13th Doctor. Follow her on Twitter @TheCollectedOne for more maple madness.


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  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award as an inspirational blogger. Click the link to accept the nomination and follow the rules to nominate those blogs/bloggers that have inspired you ! theleatherlibraryblog.com/2014/01/09/sunshine-award/

  2. Hey guys! So, I’ve been nominated for a few blog awards in my time and part of the rules is that i have to nominate someone else. Now, there always seems to be a followers limit so I can never nominate you guys, but now I can! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I have nominated you guys for a “One Lovely Blog” award. Thank you for always talking nerdy to us 🙂

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