Since the announcement that BBC’s Sherlock would have its very own convention, fans have been aflutter (the Collective team included). Sherlocked: The Official Sherlock Convention is taking place in London on the weekend of April 24-26, 2015. A second con will take place in the States at a later date.

So why are so many Sherlockians unhappy?

Well, I’ve got a list. It’s a short list, I grant you, but an important one.

1.) Sherlocked is expensive.

Like hold-up-let-me-sell-my-kidney expensive.

We kid you not.

Why is it so pricey, you ask? It’s confusing, I know. At first glance, the one-day and weekend tickets look similar to other conventions. A standard one-day pass is £29 (approximately $43, depending on the rate of exchange). That isn’t vastly different from other conventions that take place in London, such as MCM Comic Con or London Super Comic Con. The catch is that a one-day ticket (or even a weekend pass) to Sherlocked doesn’t guarantee you much of anything.


The international members of the Collective team were able to attend London Super Comic Con over the weekend of March 14 and 15, flaunting our very first press badge. LSCC primarily revolves around comic books, as opposed to film or television adaptations and franchises, and was a refreshing look at the European nerd community. As at any major convention, the costuming was top notch. Two of the main events at this year’s LSCC were the Open Masquerade and the Costume Championship. One of the judges in attendance was the flawless Yaya Han (pictured in the gallery below, posing in the Syfy Fan Cam booth), who is even more beautiful in person.

The Costume Championship displayed the best of the best cosplay, taking performance into account. The grand winner was RossECobb Cosplay for his broadway-style Ursula. Check out his costume, as well as the other fabulous cosplays featured below, such as That Cosplay Couple‘s Joker and Harley Quinn.

We here at The Collective have a tradition of expressing our fangirl ways in what we wear as well as what we write. So, Sherlockians, here are a few must-haves for every fan of the world’s most famous consulting detective. Click on the artist/store name to view full item details (or to go and throw your money at them).

The Purple Shirt of MURDER, redbubble


Sherlockian Friendship Bracelets by ImpressedArt 

The Collectiva Diva and I have these. Yes, we’re adorable like that.

$25.50 on etsy.