WonderCon 2023: Fear the Walking Dead & Its Final Season

The Fear the Walking Dead showrunners and cast took the WonderCon stage for the last time ahead of the show’s final season, which will be split into two parts and airing in the spring/fall of this year. The panel, comprised of showrunner Ian Goldberg, director Michael E. Satrazemis, and actors Kim Dickens (Madison Clark), Jenna Elfman (June Dorie), and Christine Evangelista (Sherry), discussed the filming of the ending season, and how the show has impacted their lives.

The panelists revealed that season 8 will begin with a time jump forward of seven years—and there will be a lot to unpack from that timespan. While (for obvious reasons) the cast couldn’t give us too much information on what’s going to happen to the ‘Fear’ crew in the last 12 episodes, there were a few hints that were dropped:

  1. Season 8 will show what life inside of PADRE is really like…and if what Sherry sacrificed to get there was worth it.
  2. The palette and look of the show has changed, since the final season was filmed in a new location: Savannah, Georgia.
  3. The final season is all about the characters facing their trauma, and exploring the repercussions of that trauma. And Madison, returning for the first time in several seasons, will be on a path to redemption.
  4. It was mentioned that the end of ‘Fear’ brings a full-circle ending to all of the characters…or at least the ones who survived.
  5. The ending was described by the panelists as “elegant, beautiful, devastating [and] filled with humanity.”

The end of the panel brought us a glimpse of the first few minutes of season 8 and…y’all aren’t ready. All I’m going to say is…Morgan is ready to kick some PADRE ass.

Although Fear the Walking Dead may be ending, it’s not the end of the Walker-verse (is that what we’re calling it?). The panel for Dead City, featuring Maggie and Negan, was also dropped at WonderCon, and I think we can expect more Rick and Michonne in the near future as well (IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME MY OTP IS REUNITED!). And let us not forget the Daryl Dixon spin-off, which takes place in…France? That series should premiere later this year, and since Norman Reedus has that je ne sais quoi, I imagine that ‘Fear’ fans will not have to wait long for their next zombie fix.

The first six episodes of season 8 will begin airing on May 14, with the other six coming later in the year, probably in the fall.

Haven’t seen the trailer that dropped during WonderCon? Here ya go: