Tom Hiddleston is back with “The Essex Serpent”

Did I just sign up for Apple TV to watch The Essex Serpent? Yes, yes I did.

Tom Hiddleston’s newest show, which premiered today, May 13, already has Twitter aflutter. This adaptation of Sarah Perry’s 2016 novel sees Tom’s return to the gothic genre—something that those of us who enjoy Crimson Peak are sure to love.

The Essex Serpent follows the story of widowed Cora (Claire Danes), who is drawn to the Essex area by reports of a mythical serpent. Science-minded Cora forms a bond with faith-minded pastor Will Ransome (Hiddleston) as she deals with the mystery of missing children, the exploration of grief, and of course, Tom’s magnificent hair blowing in the wind.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dive into this gothic romance. Tom as a pastor? Claire as a strong-minded woman ready to argue faith, philosophy, and feelings with Tom? A creepy 1800s murder mystery? Yes, please.

The first two episodes are already available to stream on Apple TV+, with new installments on Fridays.