7 Characters We Will Probably See In “Multiverse of Madness”

Alrighty, it’s only a few weeks until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits cinemas, and the internet is buzzing with chatter about who is going to make an appearance in the film (because…multiverse…the possibilities are endless.) We already know that Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) is a given since we heard his voice in the trailer, but who else may show up?

Here’s the trailer if you need a refresher.

Loki (+variants)

Given that Loki and the variant, Sylvie, were responsible for the destruction of the Sacred Timeline, making the Multiverse a reality instead of a theoretical, it’s pretty much a sure bet that the God of Mischief will be showing up in Multiverse of Madness. I feel like Stephen Strange is going to want to have a strong word or two with them, followed by perhaps a slap across the face.

We could also see any of Loki’s variants show up, and I say we need, nay deserve, another glimpse of Alligator Loki.

Look at this chompy boi.

Captain Carter

Prior to Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU property that had dealt the most with the idea of the Multiverse was last summer’s What If? In the first episode of the series, we meet a Peggy Carter who took the supersoldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, becoming the superhero Captain Carter. Given the popularity of the series, I’d bet money on Haley Atwell returning to the MCU as her superhero variant. And I am here for it.

Spider-Man (Peter 2)

Okay this is pretty much just because I love Tobey Maguire, but since Sam Raimi directed the Maguire Spidey films…and he’s directing The Multiverse of Madness…wouldn’t it be nice if they had a reunion?

Also, have I mentioned that I love Tobey Maguire?

Superior Ironman

The trailer for Multiverse of Madness gives us a glimpse at what I think is supposed to be the Illuminati (which, in the comics, was a secret organization meant to shape the superhero world) and Tony Stark is a member of that group. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise will be playing the “Superior Ironman” (the darkest version of Tony Stark), and if they’re bringing back my beloved Tony Stark as a villain, maybe I’m glad they’re not bringing back RDJ (if the rumors are to be believed anyway). After Tony’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, it may cheapen the “Snap” if our next glimpse at the character is as an incredibly evil megalomaniac. Just sayin.

Monica Rambeau

We saw Monica get her superpowers in WandaVision, and since the Scarlet Witch is a likely antagonist in the upcoming film, Monica’s inclusion could be an important key to defeating or containing Wanda’s powers. Perhaps she’ll finally get her superhero name as well? (Will it be Spectrum? Photon??? Pulsar??????)

Less Likely: Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans

I’m gonna be honest…I never watched the series Inhumans, and I’ve heard I didn’t miss much. However, Black Bolt is another important member of the Illuminati, and if they’re going to bring in that group…well I guess Black Bolt should probably be there (but probably recasted).

Less Likely: Deadpool

I don’t know if Disney is ready to include such a blatantly R-rated character in their so-far family friendly film franchise, but I would certainly love it if Ryan Reynolds walked across the screen in full DP get-up wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Or really, anyway he can smash the fourth wall and maybe drop the MCU’s first F-bomb???

I’m ready for it.

Who do you think we will see in the Multiverse of Madness? Tell us in the comments!