Your alligator is here: superior Loki merch

I should be finishing my recap of the previous episode of Loki, but I’m trying not to think too much about the finale that is coming out in just a few hours. So in the meantime, let’s give the people what they want—recommendations for the best Alligator Loki merch that has graced us ever since his debut last Wednesday. Go support some artists!

If you aren’t caught up with Loki, then…spoilers? I guess? Come back later when you understand the word “Croki.”

Chomp Enamel Pin by kalgado | Preorder, $15.00

Gator Loki Holo Stickers by mittiepaul | $2.00

Alligator Loki Boop the Snoot Sticker by TinctureTea | $2.50

Hand crocheted Alligator Loki by joyalice | $30

1.25″ Button – Loki Alligator by MistyFigs | $2.00+

Alligator Loki Is Praying For You Mug by FunTshirtsAndStuff | $18.45

Croc Loki Wearing Loki Crocs Sticker by smileitsanna | $2.50

Alligator Loki Shirt/Sweatshirt by LovelyvintageGift | $18.99+