“Loki” premiere moved to June 9

According to Tom Hiddleston, Wednesday is the new Friday.

In this exclusive clip from Marvel, the man behind the trickster revealed that the upcoming Loki series would premiere on Disney Plus on Wednesday, June 9 instead of Friday, June 11 as was previously scheduled. It’s just two days earlier, but to those of us waiting on pins and needles for the God of Mischief’s very own TV show, that makes all the difference. 

Earlier this week, fans were also treated to a sneak peek that featured some new clips, including a reiteration of the infamous “I am burdened with glorious purpose” line originally from The Avengers

Indeed, Loki’s glorious time has come—and on his own schedule! Because of course he won’t do as he’s told, even when his boss is Kevin Feige. See you on June 9, mischief makers!

Loki will be available to stream only on Disney Plus starting June 9, 2021.