How to get the most out of WonderCon@Home 2021

Those of us who frequent the pop culture/comic convention scene may be missing the days when we could get together and be super nerdy in person—but never fear, the fan-favorite WonderCon is returning to our living rooms for the second year in a row. Starting today, March 26 and going through tomorrow, March 27, 2021, you can virtually attend panels by streaming them online. There will also be a variety of other activities that are central to the convention experience.

WonderCon is near and dear to the Collective Crew, and we’re pretty excited about what the weekend has to offer! Keep reading for the scoop on how to have an amazing WonderCon@Home.

How a virtual con works

For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to attend a virtual convention before, here’s a simple run-down of what you can expect from WonderCon@Home 2021.

  • Friday and Saturday programming, including digitally presented panels. Even though the convention has been cut down from its typical three days to two, there’s still a plethora of fantastic panels that everyone will be able to enjoy via YouTube. To be sure you don’t miss the panels you really want to see, check the schedule. According to the official announcement, the some of the panels will be hosted by “Netflix, Penguin Random House, IDW, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. TV, Amazon Studios, CBS, Hulu, and more!”
  • Online Exhibit Hall complete with “booths” from Artists’ Alley, Exhibitors, Fan Tables, and Small Press. The full list of exhibitors will be out on Friday, but you can get an idea of the types of companies and artists who will be attending here. Just like in person, you probably won’t be able to see it all in one go, so try to spread your shopping out over the two days.
  • At-home challenges, to keep you active and engaged. Tired of sitting in front of your computer or tv? Try the SuperVolunteer Challenge, which invites you to do something for a good cause. And of course, no con would be complete without a cosplay element—if you have a costume you’ve been dying to wear, then the Cosplay Challenge is for you! Check out both here.
  • Games, and movies, and anime, oh my. It’s not just about the panels…be sure to check out the sub-sections under the programming tab to see how you can watch dozens of anime and film videos, or how you can play games with others over Discord servers.

What we’re looking forward to

There’s so much to see and do…but here’s what we’re most excited for!

Tips to make it feel authentic

  • It might not be the coveted SDCC badge, but WonderCon is part of the Comic-Con family so…it’s still pretty cool. Print out your own WonderCon@Home badge right here. They even have one for your pets!
  • Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, and luckily conventions make that fun and easy. When you get your swag in the exhibit hall, be sure to support your favorite creators and artists just like you would in person.
  • The vibe just wouldn’t be the same without amazing exclusives—the SDCC Blog has a rundown here!
  • Watch the masquerade, a long-standing convention tradition where cosplayers get to showcase their creative work.
  • Last but not least, remember to come and hang out with us on Twitter so we can enjoy the convention together! See you soon, collectors.