Nancy Drew Recaps: Gif reactions to 2.06 and 2.07

So far this season, the Drew Crew has broken free of the Aglaeca’s curse, Nancy’s dads are attempting to (re)build a relationship with their daughter, and in episodes 2.06 and 2.07 our heroes are dealing with a brand new set of super creepy mysteries. Spoilers ahead!

The Riddle of the Broken Doll

Episode 2.06 opens the doors for the rest of the season in a really big way (and if you’re paying close attention, it’s not too hard to see how this was originally the main focus of season 2, back when season 1 was supposed to have more episodes to finish off the Aglaeca arc). At first, things seem to be on the up and up for the Drew Crew in the wake of solving the final mystery and saving their lives in the nick of time—at least, until Nancy has to do community service at the morgue. As it turns out, being sucked into a strange case complete with reanimated corpses, the ghosts of children, and a possessed doll is just scraping the surface of what Nancy and her friends now have to deal with. Here are my top moments of the episode.

When Nancy hears banging from drawer 670 and decides that opening it is a good idea

When the body from the morgue magically shows up in Nancy’s kitchen

Every time we hear George humming and singing to herself in French

When Ace goes all MacGyver with the home autopsy

When Hannah confirms that Nancy accidentally freed dozens, maybe hundreds, of spirits from the archives

When Leo is alone with the corpse in his dad’s car

When Nancy talks to Leo about his action figure Charles, who is protecting him from “the bad guy”

When Carson offers to hire Nancy as his investigator

When George sees Odette in the mirror

The Legend of the Murder Hotel

Episode 2.07 begins with what could have been a GhostHunters special—a group of college volleyball players is doing their yearly initiation, which calls for their newbies to spend one hour locked in a haunted hotel room. But when one girl goes missing, the others are certain that she was kidnapped by a ghost. They recruit Nancy to solve the puzzle, but not everything is as it seems. Here are my gut reactions to the episode’s most memorable moments:

When the walls in the hotel room started bleeding

That Downton Abbey reference!

When Odette calls George a liar

When Carson and Ryan work together to protect Nancy

When Bess opens the hidden door

When the owner finds them in the basement

When the crew sees George on the basement camera footage

When Odette talks to Bess through George

When the guy claiming to be Bess’s husband shows up

Until next week, sleuths.