Fanfic Wednesday: Destiel Rec List Vol. 4

Okay, Destiel shipper friends, no matter how you felt about the finale…I think you can probably agree with me that the lack of new Dean and Castiel content has left a horrible abyss of emptiness in your life. I mean yeah, it’s canon, but…they didn’t get to kiss onscreen once. Hell, I would have been thrilled with a little hand-holding…but I digress.

If you’re as angsty about the lack of Destiel as I am, I’ve put together a little fanfiction care package for you, a part four to my Destiel favourites (note: these are my personal favorites and are catered to my personal fanfic preferences…but hopefully there’s a little something for everybody!)

Warning, darling, if slash and a profound bond that ascends into the realm of the metaphysical isn’t for you, I suggest looking for recs someplace else, because obviously you took a wrong turn on the Internet.

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 Adagio by noangelsinthegarrison

Author’s Summary: “His name’s Dean,” Cas sighs, “And he’s really stupidly attractive, and when he dances, he feels it, you know? And it makes me feel like I know him, even though I don’t. He makes me feel like… like he’s dancing just for me.” Gabriel rolls his eyes, “Wow, you’re over-dramatic when you’re horny.”
My Thoughts: Okay, so, uh…I really like the idea of Dean in ballet tights, so sue me. This is indulgent fluff at its best.

Cinderwings by bendingsignpost

Author’s Summary: Under the cover of a masquerade ball, Castiel has five nights to recover the key to his people’s freedom. The world has changed greatly in the six centuries since their banishment into the void, but the task isn’t impossible. Unfortunately for Castiel, this is going to involve talking to people – especially the Knight Prince who has taken an interest in Castiel and his “costume” wings. (Destiel Cinderella AU)
My Thoughts: Forget Disney, this is my new favorite version of this fairytale. It’s epic, fantastical, and more than a little bit romantic. I will definitely be reading this one again in the future. 

The Color of Black by insominia

Author’s Summary:  Dean Winchester wakes up in hospital bruised, broken and mostly blind with little memory of how he ended up there. To the people he saved he’s a hero, to none more so than the dorky guy with the amazing voice who visits every day and doesn’t seem to want to leave.
My Thoughts: 
Did you think I’d make it through this list without a soulmate fic? Also, is there anything sweeter than the idea of Castiel reading to Dean and keeping him company, just because he can? I love these two idiots.

Don’t Look Back by goldenraeofsun

Author’s Summary: While Mary was alive, she would tell Dean that soulmates were chosen by angels. When the right time came, he would hear his soulmate’s voice in his head, and he would know, wherever they were, they were singing just for him. But Dean never heard a damn thing. Not at 12, when most people heard their first soul song. Not at 15, when Sammy heard his. Not at 17, when only two-percent of the population heard their first. And definitely not at 28, when Sam leaves to be with the love of his life, and Castiel, deaf professor of rock music history at KU, moves in.
My Thoughts:
 Okay, yeah, it’s another soulmate fic…but this one is one of the best out there and truly a new take on the trope. This story just proves that no matter the time, setting, or trope…these two idiots are destined to fall for each other. 

Lovers in the Dark by jhoom

Author’s Summary: Prince Dean is the most beautiful omega anyone’s laid eyes on. Flowers bloom for the chance to see him, animals climb into his room simply to be in his presence, and not a person in the kingdom can say enough for his beauty. He is universally praised for his lovely green eyes, his freckles, his plush lips and the subtly strong lines of his cheekbones. His family hopes to use that to find a good match and secure an alliance for their kingdom.

The gods have other plans.

Naomi, goddess of beauty, hears more and more tales of the young omega’s beauty and she hates him for it. The fact that mortals and nature alike would hold anyone’s beauty above her own is intolerable. So she sends her son Castiel, god of love, to infect Dean with an undying love for a monstrous person as punishment for his hubris.

Fate has plans of its own…

[A retelling of the Classical myth “Cupid and Psyche.” Castiel is cast as Cupid, Dean as Psyche, and Naomi as Venus.]
My Thoughts: Yes, please let me indulge in shippy fanfiction and also indulge in my love for all things mythology at the same time. (Also, this is a damn good story that reads as well—or better—than any novel.)

More Views. More Money. by herbivoredinosaur

Author’s Summary: Cas and Dean are broke college roommates who think a good solution to their money problem is to upload gay amateur porn videos to get some extra cash in to help pay for bills.

Apparently “gay friend fucks straight friend” reels in a lot of money. Who knew?
My Thoughts:
It’s smut—a lot of smut—and some feels. But hey, we all need smut and feels sometimes, right? 

Note to Self: Cas Loves You by almaasi

Author’s Summary: Dean is not just drunk – he is VERY drunk. Castiel ushers him back to their motel room, completely aware that by the time Dean wakes up tomorrow, he won’t remember anything about tonight. What better time for Castiel to confess his love?
My Thoughts: This is so cute it hurts. 

Red Satin Boxers series by jacksqueen16

Author’s Summary: Dean owns a pair of red satin boxers. Needless to say, Castiel likes them very, very much.
My Thoughts: This three-part series is cute, sexy, and did I mention cute? Also, Dean in red satin boxers = yummy. Also, these fics are centered around the holidays so what better way to extend the Christmas season?

Time Makes You Bolder by pantheon_of_discord

Author’s Summary: “Hello, Dean.”

The phone clicks abruptly, and then there’s a dial tone in Castiel’s ear.

Grimacing, Castiel hangs up the receiver and fishes for his final quarter. He should’ve known that would happen. Dean’s always had trouble with faith.
My Thoughts:
 Wait, what do you mean this isn’t what happened in season 13? 

Under the Nothing Sky by MalMuses

Author’s Summary: Welcome to the Glass City.

Its citizens live perfect, orderly lives. Controlled by the barcodes upon their arms, they are quietly assigned jobs, spouses, accommodations… whole lives. Some families rank above others, but that is just the way it is. The way the Council demands it to be.

Lieutenant Colonel Castiel Novak is the shining star of the Glass City’s Academy, mere weeks away from graduating and being titled Commander of his own ship, his own crew.

Castiel is very good at obeying.

Until he meets a man with green eyes, a cocky smile, and no barcode.
My Thoughts: There’s only one thing I love (almost) as much as soulmate tropes, and that’s dystopian fiction. This is another fic that is probably (definitely) better than most published fiction I’ve read, and it’s just *chef’s kiss*. Read it once, read it twice, and then send it to all of your friends. 

Happy reading!

-The Collectress

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