Fanfic Wednesday: (I Got A Love That) Keeps Me Waiting

(I Got A Love That) Keeps Me Waiting” by leslielol

Pairing: Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson (Justified)
Word Count: 46,000
Warnings: Internalized homophobia

Author’s Summary

Raylan Givens doesn’t think much of Tim Gutterson… until he rebuffs the cowboy-lawman’s advances.

My Thoughts

So, uh, nine months into this pandemic and I finally got around to reading fanfiction again…because I fell into a new ship. Say hello to the new ship in my armada: Givenson (I am assuming that’s the ship name…). This is a relatively rare pairing, but is that gonna stop me? Nope. Nope. NOPE.

Raylan is a U.S. Marshall that’s more cowboy than not, and Tim is a ex-military coworker and…I don’t know maybe it’s the guns but something about this show screamed GAY at me and wouldn’t shut up until I started scrolling the AO3 ship tag. Sue me.

I stumbled across this gem late one night and read it all in one sitting (before you ask, yes I did stay up until two a.m….and in my Zoom meeting the next day I lied to my coworkers and said that coronavirus anxiety had kept me up all night). It’s that old 5+1 trope, and you know what? It really works here. Like. Really. I can’t picture anything between these two dudes being anything other than a slow burn, and well…*sigh* I do love a good slow burn.

So, if you’re in the Justified fandom and ship this same rare pair, maybe this is the fic for you. Or if you just wanna read about two hot cowboy marshalls…