Netflix and Chill: Blood of Zeus

by the Collected Mutineer

Thanks to Disney, there are people across the globe who hear “Greek mythology” and immediately think of Hercules. But we shouldn’t conflate the two, as the latest animated offering from Powerhouse Studios and Netflix proves. Blood of Zeus is an R-rated foray into ancient storytelling—and it’s definitely not Hercules. Much like its studio predecessor Castlevania, the new series Blood of Zeus is a multilayered (and sometimes gory) horror story that is completely binge-able with only eight episodes in the first season…just don’t watch it with your kids.

(Side note: Hercules was actually the Roman equivalent of the Greek divine hero Heracles, but I digress.)

The show revolves around a young peasant named Heron, who discovers that he is the demigod son of Zeus. Unbeknownst to him, he also has a connection with mysterious Seraphim, the leader of a demonic cult who has been terrorizing innocent citizens across the land. Throw in turmoil amongst the gods on Olympus, jealousy, personal vendettas, strong female characters, and long-dead enemies who also happen to be giants and you’ve got yourself an epic fantasy.

And I do mean epic. The combination of compelling characters, Japanese-inspired animation, stellar voice work, stunning operatic music, and modern humor makes for one hell of a story.

Though Heron was created specifically for Blood of Zeus, the circumstances of his birth and the world in which he finds himself are easily identified as coming from the original mythology. The story features various hallmarks from Greek tales, including intriguing automata. And Heron is pitted against fascinating villains, who manage to be true to form while also having stories of their own.

The beauty that lies behind the blood and guts of Blood of Zeus is thanks to the writers, brother duo Vlas and Charley Parlapanides. When they crafted the script, they wanted to tell a story that was both recognizable and brand new—and when you’re dealing with oral traditions where many stories never made it to paper, the world is your metaphorical oyster.

So, should you watch Blood of Zeus? The answer is yes if:

  1. Ancient mythos really does it for you
  2. Castlevania‘s season 4 premiere is too far away and you need something else in the meantime
  3. You’re still mourning the terrible Percy Jackson movie and want something to fill that void

I’ll just be here waiting for season 2, because yes…it ends on a massive cliff-hanger. Blood of Zeus is currently streaming on Netflix.