#motivationmonday: Destiel is Canon

by The Collected Mutineer

There are a lot of things I could say about the final season, and the finale, of Supernatural. But I’m choosing to focus on the good things–and you can’t tell me that Destiel didn’t single-handedly save 2020. As I tweeted a few weeks ago, episode 15.18 didn’t make Destiel canon for the first time, but it confirmed what the fans have already known for years.

And what a lovely, wonderful, heart-wrenching confirmation it was.

So while the last episode was underwhelming and upsetting for most of us, there is still so much DeanCas content from the last 12 years for us to enjoy. And even the worst possible series finale can’t take the truth away from us. So, please enjoy my top ten Destiel fanvids…and if you have been struggling or hurting over the past few days, please know that I had you in mind when I was writing this post. Destiel IS canon, and we will carry that with us always.

follow your heart

by sUmmerRain810

The Night We Met [15×18 “I love you”]

by soberdenatural

All I Want

by Angeldove

Castiel is an Angel with a Shotgun

by soberdenatural

keep the lights on

by sUmmerRain810

The Story of Destiel

by PetitPapillon 小蝶

Ambiguously Gay Duo

by soberdenatural


by Stephanie W.

Two Hearts

by The Collected Mutineer

Because of you.

by waitfortube

BONUS–“The Fall” Trailer

by egoscsajszy